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  1. Glossary
    12 November 2015

    Awareness campaign

    Definition – An awareness campaign is an approach that can be used to attract public attention to priority issues, such as congestion, air pollution or road safety, and to encourage the use of sustainable...

  2. Glossary
    12 November 2015


    Definition – Any obstacle which delays or prevents a project or activity from being implemented, or limits the ways it can be implemented. Relevance to SUMP – Practitioners seek to identify potential...

  3. Glossary
    12 November 2015


    Definition- A comprehensive record of the current situation (e.g. existing infrastructure, modal split, congestion, air pollution levels, etc.) used to inform plan preparation. Establishing a baseline also...

  4. Glossary
    12 November 2015


    Definition – Benchmarking is a process widely used in management whereby organisations evaluate various aspects of their processes in relation to accepted good practice within their sector or field. This...

  5. Glossary
    12 November 2015


    Definition – This refers to an official “stamp of approval” from a recognised outside body on the characteristics or capabilities of a plan, project, product, person or organisation. This approval is often...

  6. Glossary
    12 November 2015

    Citizen advisory group (board)

    Definition- citizen advisory groups are local government entities consisting of citizens who volunteer to represent the community they live in. Citizen advisory boards add to the deliberative quality of a...

  7. Glossary
    12 November 2015

    Citizen jury

    Please see participation. Go to the SUMP- Glossary  10084 reads ...

  8. Glossary
    12 November 2015

    City Logistics

    Definition – City Logistics is the process for optimising the logistics and transport activities in urban areas considering the traffic environment, its congestion, safety and energy savings. Relevance to...

  9. Glossary
    12 November 2015


    Definition – Co-modality is a notion to achieve an optimum in the transport system by an efficient use of all modes (see also intermodality and multimodality). Relevance to SUMP – see integration of modes...

  10. Glossary
    12 November 2015

    Community groups

    Definition – A community can be defined as a group of people living in the same place, such as the people within a city district; or a group of people with a particular characteristic in common, such as a...