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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Tool
    20 November 2019

    Handbook on sustainable mobility in the MED area

    11 lecturas The Mediterranean Region has specific features like climate and biodiversity and all regions facing the Mediterranean Sea are concerned by intense vehicular traffic and by increasing tourism...

  2. Tool
    20 November 2019

    GO SUMP Replication manual

    SUMP replication manual is designed as a practical tool for practitioners that have the ambition to ...

  3. Tool
    03 January 2020

    GO SUMP Policy briefs

    7 reads The objective of the GO SUMP Policy briefs document is to provide final policy recommendations based on the urban mobility measures and strategies developed by the modular projects within the...

  4. Tool
    29 January 2020

    Venturi Certifier- Traffic Signal Optimiser- up to 10% more green time in Traffic Light Programs

    21 lectures The free-to-use Venturi Certifier is a tool that has been designed for use by traffic ... with. The Venturi Certifier tool has already been successfully used to check the validity, and enhance ...

  5. Tool
    26 February 2016

    SUMP Self-Assessment Tool

    using the free, online SUMP Self-Assessment Tool! The SUMP Self-Assessment Tool enables planning ... for further improvement. The tool is available to use for free on a non-commercial basis. For more ... ...

  6. Tool
    07 January 2020

    SUMP Good Practice Fact Sheets

    7x přečteno A series of fact sheets chronicle the good practice examples of SUMP measures, instruments and planning procedures in the seven partner cities of CIVITAS SUMPs-Up. They cover activities that...

  7. Tool
    24 June 2020

    Metamorphosis- Fact Sheets

    32 lectures Metamorphosis is initiating activities for child-friendly public spaces all over Europe. due to the strong presence of motorised traffic in cities, safe urban spaces for children are rare to...