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    23 May 2018

    Commission completes its agenda for safe, clean and connected mobility

    https://ec.europa.eu/transport/modes/road/news/2018-05-17-europe-on-the-move-3_en Europe-wide Policy and research Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Press release ...

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    14 May 2018

    Violeta Bulc's opening speech at the 2018 European SUMP conference

    3202 reads The European Commissioner for transport, Violeta Bulc, opened this year’s SUMP conference on ‘Planning for multimodal cities’. Speaking via a video message, Bulc welcomed the attendees to Nicosia...

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    14 May 2018

    EU is warming to plastic waste ‘recycling’ as a transport fuel

    2339 reads   Despite environmentalists urging caution, a proposal to use non-recyclable plastic waste in transport fuel production is gaining strength among EU member states and European Parliament...

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    04 May 2018

    UITP calls on European Commission to increase funding for Sustainable Urban Transport

    2167 reads UITP is calling on the European Commission to invest in sustainable urban mobility solutions to meet its climate change, energy efficiency and New Urban Agenda objectives. In May 2018, the...

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    01 May 2018

    Become an Eltis National Multiplier!

    4225 reads You can partner with the Eltis team as an official National Multiplier to help; promote your events and activities to a wider audience through the Eltis portal with support from an Eltis Delivery...

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    26 April 2018

    CIVITAS Forum 2018 registration and call for contributions open!

    Registration and the call for contributions for the CIVITAS Forum 2018 are now open! Guarantee your place and submit ideas for sessions and activities at Europe's premiere sustainable mobility event. ...

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    19 April 2018

    Urban Mobility Index ranks 100 global cities

    8801 reads Arthur D Little recently released their Future of mobility 3.0 report, which considers recent societal and technological trends alongside new mobility solutions. The report also updates the...

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    19 April 2018

    Launch of United Nations Road Safety Trust Fund

    1615 reads An estimated 1.25 million people are killed every year in road traffic accidents (RTA's), and up to 50 million more are injured, often seriously. Beyond human suffering, road traffic deaths...

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    19 April 2018

    Tax breaks and incentives make Europeans buy cleaner cars while trucks and buses are expected to cause increased...

    1727 reads   Taxes, subsidies and other incentives to purchase low or zero emission vehicles have contributed to a drop of carbon dioxide emissions from new passenger cars. Recent data published by the...

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    11 April 2018

    European cities won’t give American tech giants a free ride when it comes to transport

    1152 reads   In an interview with Euractiv, Ross Douglas, CEO of the mobility conference Autonomy, spoke about the developing dynamic between European cities and big US tech firms. European cities seem to...