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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    24 October 2019

    STEP 7: Select measure packages with stakeholders

    The development of effective measure packages is at the core of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning. Only well-selected measures will ensure that the defined objectives and targets are met. The selection...

  2. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    21 October 2019

    ACTIVITY 7.2: Define integrated measure packages

    Rationale Experience shows that isolated measures can only have a limited impact, while packages of measures can positively reinforce each other and help to overcome implementation barriers. A measure...

  3. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    17 October 2019

    ACTIVITY 7.1: Create and assess long list of measures with stakeholders

    Rationale The assessment and selection of measures aims to identify the most suitable and cost-effective measures to achieve your vision and objectives. In order not to forget relevant options, a...

  4. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    22 October 2019

    ACTIVITY 7.3: Plan measure monitoring and evaluation

    Rationale Monitoring and evaluation both of the planning process and the measure implementation are crucial to the effectiveness of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. Robust monitoring and evaluation...

  5. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    22 October 2019

    STEP 8: Agree actions and responsibilities

    Following the agreement on ‘ measure packages’, operational planning must break the packages down into actionable tasks (or ‘actions’) for the departments and institutions that are in charge of their...

  6. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    28 October 2019

    ACTIVITY 8.1: Describe all actions

    Rationale Information has already been gathered in the previous step of measure selection, where measures and measure packages were defined, selected and described in general terms and discussed and...

  7. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    23 October 2019

    ACTIVITY 8.2: Identify funding sources and assess financial capacities

    Rationale A thorough financing plan is needed to ensure that the previously identified measures and actions are economically sound and financially viable. This starts with identifying all the available...

  8. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    23 October 2019

    ACTIVITY 8.3: Agree priorities, responsibilities and timeline

    Rationale When a final set of actions has been selected and described, it is time to assign responsibilities, priorities and a schedule for implementation. A clear picture of prioritised actions and...

  9. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    23 October 2019

    ACTIVITY 8.4: Ensure wide political and public support

    Rationale The actions are the most concrete part of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. They directly affect local residents and are therefore usually the most controversial aspects of the process. For...

  10. SUMP Guidelines Chapter
    23 October 2019

    STEP 9: Prepare for adoption and financing

    Following a first cost estimate earlier on, it is now also time to develop definite concrete financial plans for all actions. Based on your organisation’s conventions, a detailed financial scheme can be...