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  1. News
    10 September 2019

    When car sharing goes beyond green mobility

    250 reads Traffic congestion and air pollution are two of the most critical urban mobility issues that modern cities must tackle. The Finnish town of Kerava has been trialling a new e-car sharing experiment...

  2. News
    23 September 2019

    Lahti launches EU-first Personal Carbon Trading (PCT) scheme for mobility

    423 reads The city of Lahti, in Finland, has launched the EU-first Personal Carbon Trading (PCT) scheme in a bid to promote a shift towards from private car use to sustainable mobility. The scheme is based...

  3. News
    23 December 2019

    Tampere pilots artificial intelligence solutions to improve pedestrian safety

    13 εμφανίσεις The Finnish city of Tampere has started testing artificial intelligence (AI) and 'Internet of Things' technologies to improve pedestrian safety. Working in partnership with Tieto, an...

  4. Video
    07 May 2019

    FinEst Smart Mobility- Smart Digital Solutions for Improved Traffic and Cross-border Mobility

    With over 8 million passengers and 300,000 trucks travelling between Helsinki West Harbour and Tallinn Old City Harbour every year, traffic flows leading through the centrally located ports generate...

  5. Video
    05 June 2014

    Promotion of winter cycling in Oulu, Finland

    6071 reads Cycling maps and online route planners provide useful information to support the activity of winter cycling in Oulu, Finland. In recent times, local residents and the media have taken part in...