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    21 August 2018

    CIVITAS Forum 2018: Experience Europe's Inclusive and Multimodal Mobility Future

    4664 reads The importance of transport’s social dimension is becoming increasingly clear- mobility shapes lives and prospects. It is crucial that transport systems are environmentally friendly, inclusive,...

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    15 August 2018

    Local decision makers: join the CIVITAS Politicians' Forum to exchange on urban mobility with peers

    1996 reads Politicians from CIVITAS Forum Network member cities are invited to attend this year's Politicians' Forum being held at the CIVITAS Forum in Umeå. Taking place from 09:30 to 12:00 on 20...

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    27 July 2018

    New EIB financing includes sustainable transport projects

    1936 reads The European Investment Bank approved a total of EUR 12.6 billion of new financing for 83 projects located across Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. This represents a record level of new...

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    25 July 2018

    Study suggests that extending cycling networks could save lives

    2797 reads   Researchers from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) were commissioned to analyse data from 167 European cities and found a clear link between the length of the designated...

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    17 July 2018

    Draft programme released for CIVITAS Forum 2018

    2409 reads The draft programme for the 2018 CIVITAS Forum Conference has been published! Spanning three days, this year’s programme features over 25 parallel sessions. These are split into two types, namely...

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    26 June 2018

    First cities to join the Urban Air Mobility initiative

    ://ec.europa.eu/transport/media/news/news/2018-05-30-commission-welcomes-european-cities-joining-urban-air-mobility-initiative_en https://www.ge ...

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    13 June 2018

    Apply for the CIVITAS Awards 2018- Europe's top sustainable urban mobility prizes

    Applications are now open for this year's CIVITAS Awards! Towns and cities- submit your entries by 13 July 2018 to be in with a chance of winning Europe's most prestigious prizes for clean urban...

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    13 June 2018

    European leaders reaffirm ambition to improve air quality in European cities

    1624 reads The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, joined other European leaders in signing a declaration at the European Metropolitan Transport Authorities (EMTA) conference, reaffirming their...

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    12 June 2018

    Final report on innovative ways of sustainably financing public transport

    3081 reads " Pilot project study on innovative ways of sustainably financing public transport " carried out by CENIT and Prognos as part of a consortium led by COWI was commissioned by DG MOVE. ...

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    07 June 2018

    EU total greenhouse gas emissions slightly on the decline but transport emissions keep increasing

    2046 reads Official data from the European Environment Agency (EEA) on the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) of the European Union show that there was a small reduction in GHG emissions (0.4%) in 2016 compared...