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  1. News
    21 May 2012

    Traffic Management Centre installed in Wroclaw (Poland)

    421 reads Before the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship kicks off, the Traffic Management Centre of Wroclaw will begin operations, monitoring citywide traffic 24 hours a day. At 68 intersections in...

  2. News
    25 May 2012

    Bus lane for UEFA members in Warsaw (Poland)

    1051 reads For the EURO 2012, a new bus lane is being installed in the?wirki i Wigury Street in Warsaw, a thoroughfare leading from the Warsaw International Airport to the city centre. This will give...

  3. News
    31 May 2012

    Gazprom Germania fuels Polish LNG buses (Poland)

    666 reads The Polish bus manufacturer Solbus is currently testing SM 12 LNG-type buses in large metropolitan areas of Poland. The fuel is supplied by Gazprom Germania. The vehicles have a length of 12...

  4. News
    05 June 2012

    Over €100 million for renewal of public transport in Olsztyn (Poland)

    438 reads The authorities of Olsztyn have recently started the process of modernising the city's public transportation by building a new tram route, installing more bus lanes and purchasing new trams....

  5. News
    11 June 2012

    Direct train connection to Warsaw Airport opens (Poland)

    433 reads Regular trains from the Fryderyk Chopin International Airport of Warsaw started to operate on 1 June. Passengers are now able to travel in a fast and convenient way to the centre of Warsaw. The...

  6. News
    13 July 2012

    Buses with Wi-Fi hotspot tested in Warsaw (Poland)

    1020 reads Ten public buses in Warsaw have been fitted with Wi-Fi devices. If the trial proves successful, Internet access may soon be available in further vehicles. Specially marked public buses with free...

  7. News
    20 July 2012

    Cable railway over the Oder in Wroclaw (Poland)

    336 reads The University of Technology of Wroclaw has announced a tender for the construction of a cable railway crossing the main river of the city, the Oder. The investment, worth the equivalent of about ...

  8. News
    23 July 2012

    Articulated CNG bus tested in Radom (Poland)

    414 reads The testing of a modern articulated CNG bus began in Radom in early July. The bus will serve the busiest routes in the city for two weeks. The bus has been rented from the Solaris Bus & Coach...

  9. News
    14 August 2012

    New eco-friendly tram wash in Wroclaw (Poland)

    695 reads A new eco-friendly tram wash has started operating in Wroclaw, thanks to an investment of €500,000 (2 million PLN) by the Municipal Public Transport Cooperation. The new equipment can clean a full...

  10. News
    23 August 2012

    Police patrols on PT vehicles in Wroclaw (Poland)

    410 reads Since the beginning of August, policemen have been patrolling public transport vehicles in Wroclaw in an effort to prevent vandalism and other inappropriate behaviour. Passengers often complain...