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    08 June 2015


    10639 reads Ministry of Transport and Communications Finland Real name:  Sara Lukkarinen Sara Lukkarinen Motiva ltd Motiva ltd Picture:  The Finnish counterparts of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs)...

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    08 June 2015


    10648 reads Real name:  Udo Becker Udo Becker Dresden University of Technology Dresden University of Technology Picture:  In Germany urban transport plans have been common in most cities since the 1960s....

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    08 June 2015


    4625 reads Ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructures- Département des transports- Planification de la Mobilité Global strategy for a sustainable urban mobility «MoDu» Plan directeur...

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    08 June 2015


    11749 reads Transport Malta Transport Malta is the transport regulator while the Planning Authority is responsible for land-use planning. Regulatory frameworks for urban transport planning are split between...

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    08 June 2015


    12071 reads Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration Applicant's Guide. Conditions for accessing funds under the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020 Model of Public Services...

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    08 June 2015


    9590 reads Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development Building Act Nr. 50/1976- urban planning and building code Development of public transport   National cycling strategy (opens pdf, 7.6...

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    08 June 2015


    12284 reads Ministry of Energy, Sustainable Development and Energy Plan de déplacements urbains (PDUs) are legally defined in the transport code (articles L. 1214-1 to L. 1214-37) by these different...

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    08 June 2015


    12214 reads Ministry of Infrastructure, Directorate for Transport National SUMP guidelines, 2012 National platform for sustainable mobility View (active tab) To contact a Friend of Eltis you must be a...

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    08 June 2015


    10630 reads TRAST website  (in Swedish) TRAST (summary in English)  [opens PDF, 1.35MB] Member state contact: Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL) Swedish Transport Administration ...

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    08 June 2015


    6036x přečteno CIVINET Czech and Slovak Republics Czechia is one of the countries 'which have yet to adopt sustainable mobility planning'. In Czechia, there is no national guidance or legislation...