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  1. Tool
    23 August 2023

    CIVITAS FastTrack- Sustainable and Clean Urban Logistics FactSheet

    FastTrack cities exchanged knowledge to evaluate innovative solutions like new IT tools, new ways of organising freight and deliveries through the implementation of microhubs, and public procurement...

  2. News
    09 August 2023

    Transforming Urban Logistics and Mobility: Exploring the Journeys of the ULaaDS Satellite Cities

    The ULaaDS project has just published a new collaborative insight report in which four ULaaDS satellite cities present their current projects and challenges, experiences and lessons learned, as well as the...

  3. Case study
    26 July 2023
  4. News
    24 July 2023

    Urban Nodes and the freight sector: Key challenges and opportunities

    As Urban Mobility Days approaches, one speaker from the Urban Nodes session, Yanying li, Head of Program and Knowledge Management at ALICE explains why this topic is important for the freight sector, and...

  5. Event
    17 July 2023

    World Conference on Transport Research 2023

    215 reads Language English The World Conference on Transport Research (WCTR) organised by the  World Conference on Transport Research Society  will take place in Montreal, Canada 17-21 July 2023. The...

  6. Event
    19 June 2023

    POLIS working group: E-Volution: urban space solutions for passengers and freight

    25 reads Language English The Parking and Freight working group, organised by POLIS, will convene on 19-20 June in Brussels and online for a joint event on the future of electromobility for passenger and...

  7. News
    29 May 2023

    Webinar explores labour challenges facing the logistics sector

    POLIS' Just Transition Webinar Series brought together experts from across logistics to examine the future of jobs in the sector, the challenges ahead and the responses needed. ...

  8. News
    03 May 2023

    Norwich city centre gets e-cargo bike service

    Norwich city centre’s businesses can test the use of e-cargo bikes for their deliveries starting in July 2023. ...

  9. News
    31 March 2023

    Urban Logistics solutions for the last-mile delivery problem

    ULaaDS project partner Miebach Consulting alongside JLL and the Research Lab Urban Transport (ReLUT) of Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences conducted a study at the beginning of 2023 to identify and...

  10. Event
    27 March 2023

    Urban Transport Conference 2023

    51 reads Language English The  Urban Transport Conference (UTC) 2023 will take place on 27-28 March in Frankfurt, Germany. The theme of the conference is ' shaping the future of urban mobility and...