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    10 March 2011

    Partnership between territories and motorways for the promotion of car-sharing (France)

    189 reads A partnership between the territories Drôme and Ardèche and the motorway company ASF has been formed to promote car-sharing on the A7 motorway (“Autoroute du Soleil”). This partnership, unique in...

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    11 March 2011

    Greater Angoulême counts on electric mobility (France)

    278 reads The urban area of Greater Angoulême is one of the 13 urban areas covered by the French National Plan of Electric Vehicles Display. Great Angoulême announced its ambition with regards to electric...

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    11 March 2011

    Large fleet of electric cars for rental company (France)

    242 reads Rental company National/Citer are to have the largest 100% electric vehicle fleet in the world with more than 250 C-ZERO cars. Initially these cars will be available for rental in Paris and by the...

  4. News
    14 March 2011

    Hybrid bus trial in Poitiers (France)

    423 reads Trials of a GX 427 hybrid bus will take place in the city of Poitiers in France as the next step in the bid to reduce fuel consumption and increase environmental concern in the historic city. The...

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    28 April 2011

    Autolib' self service electric cars launched in Paris (France)

    366 reads After Vélib (Paris self-service bicycles), “Autolib'” the self-service electric car rental service is being lanuched in Paris and 44 suburb cities. Developed on the model of Vélib, Autolib&...

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    29 April 2011

    Electric river shuttle to arrive in the Calanques” (France)

    261 reads In 2013 the maritime company CMC will launch an electric river shuttle in the National Park Calanques which generates its own electricity from a fuel cell. First there was the electric car, now...

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    05 May 2011

    New trucks reduces fuel consumption by 24% (France)

    of goods within the hour. Source: Transport News Network France Urban mobility planning ...

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    12 May 2011

    La Rochelle to test fully automated electric buses (France)

    310 reads The city of La Rochelle is due to test fully automated (driverless) electric buses on its public transport network. The Cybus test will start on the 12th of May and last until mid-July this year....

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    27 May 2011

    Two driverless cars tested in La Rochelle (France)

    402 reads Automated electric vehicles called 'Cybercars' are being tested on public roads in La Rochelle between May and July 2011. Designed by Yamaha Cybus, the Cybercar resembles a golf cart and...

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    30 May 2011

    The French are carsharing people (France)

    374 reads In France, 25,000 people are subscribed to carsharing services, but there is a huge potential for further growth with better support from the authorities. We can reasonably expect to multiply by...