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  1. News
    24 January 2012

    Launch of car-sharing service for employment and training sectors (France)

    194 reads A free car-sharing service has been set up for employees and trainees of the National Association for Adult Vocational Training (AFPA). With more than 200 000 people trained every year, AFPA has...

  2. News
    24 January 2012

    Contract signed in Grenoble to build the city around the tram (France)

    263 reads The axis contract, a new tool to articulate town planning and transport in Grenoble, has been signed by the transport authorities and municipalities. The first contract has been signed by SMTC ...

  3. News
    25 January 2012

    A river shuttle in Calais (France)

    380 reads The intercommunity urban transport union of Calais (SITAC) has formalised its decision to command a new river shuttle amounting to €750,000. Service will begin in 2013. This project will create a...

  4. News
    01 February 2012

    New communication solutions for Paris Métro rail system (France)

    253 reads The installation of new communication solutions on Line 1 of the Paris Métro is expected to enhance safety and passenger experience, optimise operations, and maintenance efficiency. The France...

  5. News
    15 February 2012

    Dynamic seating capacity in the bus of the future (France)

    845 reads The European bus manufacturer Irisbus has presented the innovative concept of a modular bus seat: it allows the capacity of the vehicle to be adapted without loss of comfort for passengers. As...

  6. News
    08 February 2012

    New water buses to operate on the Garonne river in Bordeaux by the end of 2012 (France)

    798 reads The Urban Community of Bordeaux (CUB) has announced the launch of a new river shuttle service to be operated with two hybrid catamarans. These navettes fluviales will integrate the existing public...

  7. News
    26 March 2012

    Autolib’ goes up to the surface in Lyon (France)

    344 reads Autolib’, the car-sharing service proposed by the car park company Lyon Parc Auto, has enlarged its offer and become more visible. In a turning point for the company, 14 new stations have been...

  8. News
    24 April 2012

    Shuttle operates on the river Saône in Lyon (France)

    822 reads A shuttle boat service with a capacity of 70 people will link the new quarter of Confluence to Lyon city centre in 30 minutes, every hour, for a cost of €1.50. The boat is diesel-hybrid powered....

  9. News
    24 April 2012

    Two new tram lines put into operation in Montpellier (France)

    261 reads After 3 years of construction and an investment of €530 million, new tram lines were inaugurated and put into operation in Montpellier on 2 April. When work on the third line started in 2009,...

  10. News
    24 April 2012

    Train station Paris Saint-Lazare refurbished to offer more services to users (France)

    341 reads The 450 000 daily users of the railway station of Paris Saint-Lazare can now benefit from new services offered within the station, in a new shopping arcade spanning 3 levels with 80 shops, 13...