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    16 December 2010

    Climate Change: Cancún Agreements Will Not Increase Pressure on Transport to Reduce Emissions

    245 reads Jack Short, Secretary General of the International Transport Forum, the transport think tank at the OECD in Paris, believes that the agreement reached in Cancún will not increase pressure on the...

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    13 January 2011

    EU tightens emissions restrictions for light trucks

    295 reads In December 2010, the EUs environment ministers have agreed on emissions and mileage regulations for small vans and other utility vehicles. However, environmentalists say the new rules were...

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    13 January 2011

    Revenge of the Electric Car

    525 reads In 2006, as many as 5,000 modern electric cars were destroyed by the major car companies that built them. Today, less than 5 years later, the electric car is back... with a vengeance. A new film...

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    14 January 2011

    Call for tender: The continuation of the transport research knowledge centre

    310 reads The European Commission (EC) is launching this invitation to tender for services with a view to conclude a contract with a tenderer (or consortium) for continuing the ongoing Transport Research...

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    25 January 2011

    EC releases results from Urban Freight and Logistics Conference

    343 reads On the 16-17th of November 2010, the European Commission and the Belgian Presidency hosted a conference on urban freight transport and logistics in Brussels. The conference brought together high...

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    18 January 2011

    IEE 2011 call for proposals is open

    289 reads The call for proposals 2011 for actions under the Intelligent Energy- Europe programme is now open. For STEER projects dealing with energy in transport the indicative budget is EUR 12 million....

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    27 January 2011

    Effects of mobile phone use on road safety report

    244 reads ETSC (European Transport Safety Council) has published its fifth PRAISE (Preventing Road Accidents and Injuries for the Safety of Employees) Fact Sheet. This Fact Sheet complements the PRAISE...

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    02 February 2011

    TROLLEY Marketing Award 2011: Call for Applications now open

    355 reads The 1st European trolleybus Marketing Award’s are launched to reward best marketing activities promoting the trolleybus as clean, efficient and sustainable transport means for the future. The 1st...

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    20 January 2011

    Policy, not market alone, must dictate future transport emissions

    352 reads Existing technologies could reduce emissions of CO2 and air pollutants from land transport by almost a third. But, reductions will not be delivered through markets alone, according to a recent...

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    20 January 2011

    Biofuels: Commission adopts Report on indirect land use change

    287 reads On 22 December 2010, the Commission published a report on indirect land use change related to biofuels and bioliquids. The report acknowledges that indirect land use change can reduce greenhouse...