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  1. News
    18 December 2012

    China and India's BRT systems selected as leaders in the fight against climate change

    753 reads The bus rapid transit systems in Guangzhou, China, and Ahmedabad, India are being recognised as leaders in the fight against climate change at the 18th Conference of the Parties to the United...

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    04 January 2013

    Beijing subway becomes the world’s largest metro system (China)

    2420 reads With the opening of a 69.8km extension on December 28th 2012, Beijing has become the world’s longest subway network, overtaking Shanghai’s 425km long system with a total length of 442km. Subway...

  3. News
    21 February 2013

    China’s second high-capacity BRT opened in Lanzhou

    1383 reads Lanzhou, a city of three million in North-western China opened its first BRT system on December 28th. The 9km long BRT corridor has 15 stations and 6 lines. It is China’s second high-capacity BRT...

  4. News
    25 October 2013

    Beijing takes steps to tackle notorious air pollution (China)

    808 reads The municipal government of Beijing (China) has developed a Clean Air Action Plan (2013 – 2017) that aims to tackle the city’s infamous problem with air pollution. The plan calls for a five...

  5. News
    06 November 2013

    Urban design prototype for sustainable mobility (China)

    737 reads Work will soon start on a new prototype for urban design near the city of Chengdu (China). The new philosophy for urban design promotes walkable cities and aims to reduce traffic in China....

  6. News
    29 November 2013

    EU China Urban Partnership to focus on urban mobility

    991 reads European and Chinese cities are forming partnerships to share ideas and technologies to manage urban mobility. The EU and China are working together under the EU/China Urban Partnership to improve...

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    02 June 2014

    China to scrap millions of cars to improve air quality

    1063 reads Six million vehicles that do not comply with exhaust emission standards will be removed from China's roads by the end of the year to reduce air pollution. In the Chinese capital Beijing, the...

  8. Event
    17 February 2012

    2012 International Conference on Traffic and Transportation Engineering

    272 reads Language English English ICTTE is the main annual Traffic and Transportation Engineering conference aimed at presenting current research being carried out. Current ICTTE 2012 will be held during...

  9. Event
    29 May 2013

    EU-China Joint Workshop on Urban Innovation

    155 reads Language English English The EU-China Joint Workshop on Urban Innovation is co-organised by the European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD) and the China Centre...

  10. News
    21 April 2015

    Electric vehicles help cool cities, study shows

    2491 reads A study conducted by Michigan State University in the US and Hunan University in China suggests that electric vehicles can contribute to reducing temperatures in cities. The research showed that...