Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

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    06 March 2013

    Sustainable mobility for business and industry

    2315 reads Developing sustainable mobility measures for companies, business or industrial zones can be done in numerous ways across all mobility modes. Mobility managers and officers can utilise these...

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    28 May 2013

    Sustainable mobility at work

    1458 reads Whether it regards their employees commuting, business travel or operating a vehicle fleet, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint by adopting more sustainable ways of working. This can...

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    29 November 2011

    CCAP Guidebook- calculating emissions reductions in transport

    1607 reads The purpose of the CCAP Transportation Emissions Guidebook is to provide basic ‘rules of thumb’ to calculate emissions reductions from the implementation of specific transportation and land-use...

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    28 November 2012

    Organising sustainable events

    1131 reads Over the last 30 years large events have become more and more popular and widespread leisure destinations. Large summer music festivals, exhibitions, mass cultural events and sports games attract...

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    14 October 2011

    Developing workplace travel plans

    1220 reads A workplace travel plan is a long-term management strategy employed by an organisation to promote more sustainable transport among staff, visitors and deliveries to its site. This can...

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    01 April 2011

    Tackling transport challenges with co-operative systems

    1350 reads This document is intended for traffic managers, transport planners, urban planners and decision-makers in local and regional authorities, and will raise awareness for the potential of co...

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    07 March 2012

    Cycling to work

    1253 reads Cycling is an activity which many people can incorporate into their daily routines, such as by cycling to work. This has a number of advantages, including improved health for the cyclist, and...

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    22 May 2012

    Promoting sustainable mobility

    1428 reads This publication offers suggestions for promoting the use of walking, cycling and public transport, based on what has already been accomplished in European cities over the past decade. The...

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    31 October 2012

    Road safety tools and resources

    1923 reads The European Commission has made a wide-ranging database of tools and resources on road safety under the European Road Safety Observatory. The database includes a comprehensive overview of...

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    28 August 2012

    Benefits of reducing transport emissions

    1457 reads There are numerous additional benefits to decarbonising transport apart from environmental protection and mitigating climate change. In order to address different audiences on the benefits of...