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  1. Case study
    14 August 2012

    Sharing private cargo bikes in Ghent (Belgium)

    1038 reads Walking and cycling Cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular in Ghent. The city council gives financial support to cargo-bike-sharing projects for neighbourhoods and citizens who want to...

  2. Case study
    24 August 2012

    Public cargo-bike-sharing in Ghent (Belgium)

    5753 reads Walking and cycling Belgium Ghent measures- rental services planning- user needs To promote cargo-bikes as sustainable alternatives to the car for transporting goods and children, the first...

  3. Case study
    03 September 2012

    The Great Cycling Exam: helping Flanders children learn about safe cycling (Belgium)

    734 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management In early 2012 the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge  (VSV) launched a brand new project- the Great Cycling Exam. As part of this project, sixth-grade...

  4. Case study
    15 May 2008

    Smart car pool database in Flemish Region (Belgium)

    1734 reads Mobility management Belgium Flanders Region measures- awareness raising measures- car pooling measures- car sharing MM for cities & Regions MM for employers In 2007, 41 000 people registered...

  5. Case study
    15 May 2008

    Providing student bike services in Ghent (Belgium)

    403 reads Walking and cycling Belgium Ghent measures- rental services Marketing strategies / branding measures- awareness raising measures- mobility contracts with stakeholders MM for schools In order to...

  6. Case study
    08 August 2012

    Blue-bike: Belgium's national bicycle sharing system

    7415 reads Walking and cycling Blue-bike is Belgium's national bicycle sharing scheme, initiated by Fietsenwerk and National Railways. It is inspired by OV-Fiets in The Netherlands. Train and bike; it...

  7. Case study
    05 January 2015

    Using waterways to transport construction materials in Ghent (Belgium)

    3365 reads Urban freight/city logistics A lot of building is currently taking place in Ghent’s historic city centre. However, the related heavy traffic causes problems, such as noise and air pollution,...

  8. Case study
    02 July 2014

    Changing attitudes to using public transport (Belgium)

    1230 reads Collective passenger transport Intermodality Driving can be a stressful and frustrating activity, particularly in Flanders where some 95 per cent of drivers vent their anger with traffic by...

  9. Case study
    09 February 2015

    Creating a modern intermodal transport hub in Ghent (Belgium)

    3573 reads Intermodality Ghent-Sint-Pieters is a 100-year-old train station with 50 000 daily visitors. Because of an increase in the number of people using the station, it is being remodelled into a modern...

  10. Case study
    26 May 2015

    Overcoming transport challenges in Antwerp through personal travel plans (Belgium)

    5410 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Antwerp is facing huge road infrastructure works over several years, which will cause major disruption. For this reason, Antwerp is using the PTP-Cycle...