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  1. Case study
    19 September 2007

    Delivering goods by cargo tram in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

    5267 reads Urban freight/city logistics Netherlands Amsterdam Alternative fuel vehicles last-mile solutions (to customer) multimodal transport From 7-31 March 2007, CityCargo Amsterdam held a pilot project...

  2. Case study
    05 November 2007

    Controlled vehicle access in Valletta (Malta)

    672 reads Traffic and demand management Malta Valletta automatic number plate recognition exemptions from demand management road pricing- congestion charge road pricing- cordon charge traffic control...

  3. Case study
    11 February 2008

    Edinburgh's successful Park-and-ride initiative (UK)

    1801 reads Collective passenger transport Traffic and demand management Like many 21st century cities Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, has growing inner-city traffic congestion problems. Through its transport...

  4. Case study
    08 July 2008

    Transporting cargo by e-bike in Berlin (Germany)

    1311 reads Walking and cycling Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Urban freight/city logistics Germany Berlin drive train – electric drive train – energy storage fuels – electric energy conventional...

  5. Case study
    06 May 2009

    Belgium's campaign to get people shopping on bikes

    941 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Belgium Flanders Region ‘Met Belgerinkel naar de Winkel’ (in English 'with bell ringing to the shop'), is the biggest bicycle campaign in Belgium....

  6. Case study
    09 June 2009

    Kraków's public bicycle system (Poland)

    1367 reads Walking and cycling Poland Kraków In 2009, a city owned bicycle renting system was established in the city center of Kraków. The system has been built based on the public transport system, to...

  7. Case study
    19 July 2010

    Creating corporate workplace mobility plans (United Kingdom)

    1289 reads Urban mobility planning Collective passenger transport Mobility management Based on a legal obligation in the UK, British Sky Broadcasting Ltd (BSkyB) set up a workplace mobility plan that...

  8. Case study
    28 November 2010

    Designing a modern network of paths to increase walking in Koprivnica (Croatia)

    893 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Croatia Koprivnica infrastructure infrastructure- signalisation campaigns (large scale) Marketing strategies / branding measures- awareness raising To...

  9. Case study
    29 December 2010

    Testing e-bikes for senior citizens in Graz (Austria)

    820 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Austria Graz measures- awareness raising measures- campaigns measures- mobility managment services monitoring / evaluation In the context of the EU project...

  10. Case study
    14 January 2011

    Providing local travel information in Tipperary (Ireland)

    592 reads Collective passenger transport Intermodality Mobility management Ireland Tipperary measures- demand responsive services information campaigns (large scale) MM for cities & Regions For the...