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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Event
    21 March 2013

    2nd RESPONDER Multinational Knowledge Brokerage Event

    640 reads Language English Towards Sustainable Mobility in European Cities. Insights and Issues for Policy Makers and Researchers English Supported by DG Research of the European Commission (see www.scp...

  2. Event
    04 February 2014

    ADVANCE Auditor Training

    208 reads Language English Slovak Do you work as mobility expert, transport planer or consultant in the field of sustainable mobility in cities? Are you interested to learn more about Sustainable Urban...

  3. News
    12 September 2014

    Bratislavans consulted on local cycling plan (Slovakia)

    907 reads Residents from the largest borough of the Slovakian capital are being asked to provide their comments on a plan to develop and promote cycling in the area. One of the key aims of the Petržalka...

  4. News
    21 November 2014

    New low-floor trams glide into Bratislava (Slovakia)

    878 reads The latest cutting-edge design in transport technology has been released in Slovakian capital Bratislava  this month in the shape of new low-floor trams. The new bi-directional ForCity Plus Two...

  5. News
    28 November 2014

    Prešov announces e-vehicle charging station (Slovakia)

    1192 reads The Slovakian city of Prešov has announced that an electric vehicle charging station will be installed in the city in the coming year, marking a major step towards integrating e-mobility into the...

  6. News
    03 December 2014

    Half of Slovakians get free rail travel

    1947 reads The Slovakian government has endorsed proposals to subsidise rail travel for around 46 per cent of its citizens – a total of over two million people. The measures are part of a national economic...

  7. News
    06 April 2015

    New trams, buses and depot for Bratislava (Slovakia)

    2593 reads The City of Bratislava, with the support of the European Union, has dedicated € 115m to the purchase of 60 new bi-directional trams and several buses. The first lot of trams has already been...

  8. News
    13 June 2016

    New bicycle paths for Bratislava (Slovakia)

    1338 reads Bratislava has given one of its districts funding from the city budget to build new cycle paths. Vrakuňa district council received €38 750 to build a new 1.5 km cycle path along the Little Danube...

  9. News
    11 September 2016

    Slovakia to support the purchase of EVs

    1437 reads Slovakia’s Ministry of Economy is planning to introduce a range of incentives to encourage people to buy electric vehicles (EV). The Ministry presented this summer a detailed policy document that...

  10. News
    23 November 2016

    Slovak government launches EV subsidies

    1697 reads The Slovak government is providing financial support to citizens wishing to buy an electric or hybrid vehicle. Announcing the plans on 11 November, Slovakia's minister of the economy, Peter...