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    14 March 2012

    Strike leads to jump in bicycle use (Germany)

    321 reads Wednesday, 7 March 2012 was a regular workday in Cologne but the city looked different from the previous day. There were hardly any buses and trains in the city, but visibly more bicycles. On that...

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    13 April 2012

    Bicycle rental system Konrad starts in Kassel (Germany)

    1159 reads Kassel has launched its new bike rental system “Konrad”. Its innovative concept should support the intermodal connection between public transport and cycling. The city of Kassel, a town of 200...

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    08 June 2012

    German government creates database of cycling literature (Germany)

    ECF Photo credits: ECF Germany ...

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    04 September 2012

    700 police on patrol by bike in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)

    663 reads Every day police on bicycles hunt criminals in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Minister Jäger of NRW said:Bicycle patrols are important and now even better equipped with the new uniform. “The...

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    03 September 2012

    Bicycle mapping in Berlin using crowd sourcing (Germany)

    1337 reads Cyclists can now mark the suitability of streets for bicycle riding on an online map. A project run by an Australian traffic planner has produced an interactive bicycle map for the city of Berlin...

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    11 September 2012

    Germany's bicycle plan could increase sales by €1 billion

    At the end of the day, getting more people on bikes is good news for everyone, advocates and industry ...

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    27 September 2012

    E-bike with bicycle trailer can replace the car (Germany)

    1300 reads Pedelecs or e-bikes in combination with a bicycle trailer definitely possess the potential to replace the car when transporting loads of up to 70 kg for trips under 10 km. This is the outcome of...

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    25 February 2013

    Munich, a city of short trips (Germany)

    2306 reads Munich’s quality of life is rated among the highest of all European cities. With its vibrant streets and squares, diverse neighbourhoods, re-naturalised riverbanks and one of the world’s largest...

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    04 April 2013

    Mirrors for more bicycle safety in Münster (Germany)

    993 reads The streets of Münster should become safer for cyclists. Right now the city is testing small mirrors under the traffic lights to increase the view of truck drivers when turning right. Münster is...

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    31 July 2013

    Does God ride a bicycle in Cologne? (Germany)

    1062 reads Germany’s first religious bicycle portal has been launched. It is an interactive web-portal for cyclists in the Cologne archdiocese, one of Germany’s oldest and biggest archdiocese....