Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Policy formulation and implementation

    4158 reads Policy formulation stands at the top of the transport planning process. It is a strategic planning process leading to a general concept, usually a ‘transport masterplan’. Such a masterplan is a...

  2. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Alternative fuels

    5478 reads The subject of alternative fuels is extremely wide. This training material therefore focuses on the key aspects of a selection of alternative fuels, each one in its own individual section. As a...

  3. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Non-motorised transport

    2679 reads Non-motorised transport includes walking, cycling, small-wheeled transport (skates, skateboards, push scooters and hand carts) and wheelchair travel. These modes provide both recreation (they are...

  4. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Fundamentals on transport and energy

    2891 reads Fundamentals on transport and energy is a general introduction to the topic of mobility behaviour, conditions framework and the impacts of transport. The training material gives an overview on...

  5. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Cleaner fuels and vehicles

    3675 reads Over the last 15-20 years petrol and diesel vehicles have become far cleaner in terms of their ‘air quality’ emissions (i.e. pollutants that affect human health). There have also been some...

  6. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Modern and efficient public transport system

    14747 reads A modern and high-quality public transport is the backbone of urban transport. Against the door-to-door trip by private car, a more sustainable model of public transport should offer passengers...

  7. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Walking and cycling

    2863 reads Walking and cycling are emission-free modes of transport that do not need energy (except human power) and fuels. This means that walking and cycling are very compatible for urban mobility....

  8. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Energy conservation through urban design

    2860 reads The amount of energy used in transport is influenced by several factors: land use regulation; mobility management/modal split; efficiency of means of transport; and the energy consumption of...

  9. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Telematics for energy efficient transport

    3174 reads The role of telematics in transport is already vast and growing exponentially. These training materials provide a detailed grounding in the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in...

  10. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Parking management and pricing

    2946 reads The availability and cost of parking is an important determinant of whether or not people choose to drive to a particular destination, and also whether they choose to own a car at all. Local...