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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Case study
    14 September 2011

    Pakietowanie działań w CIVITAS, Kraków, Polska

    978 reads Urban mobility planning Eastern Europe Poland Kraków sustainable urban mobility plans W Krakowie, w ramach projektu Civitas Caravel, zrealizowano szereg działań zaprojektowanych tak, aby mogły się...

  2. Case study
    09 June 2009

    Kraków's public bicycle system (Poland)

    1367 reads Walking and cycling Poland Kraków In 2009, a city owned bicycle renting system was established in the city center of Kraków. The system has been built based on the public transport system, to...

  3. Case study
    27 July 2011

    Safe river crossing for pedestrians and cyclists in Kraków (Poland)

    620 reads Walking and cycling In 2008 a new footbridge was built over the Vistula River in Kraków. Running parallel to a bridge carrying dense car traffic within a ring-road of the city, the new...

  4. Case study
    04 August 2011

    Warsaw's classic pedestrian renovation (Poland)

    924 reads Walking and cycling Poland Warsaw multi-functional area pedestrian zones street layout /.design In 2008 the municipality of Warsaw, the capital of Poland, has renovated a part of the Warsaw Royal...

  5. Case study
    03 December 2011

    Offering free public transport for large families in Gdańsk (Poland)

    582 reads Collective passenger transport Mobility management Poland Gdańsk In February 2011 a special discount card for families with numerous children was introduced in Gdansk. Families with 3 children or...

  6. Case study
    26 September 2012

    Reducing road damage with Włocławek's weigh-in-motion system (Poland)

    1048 reads Urban freight/city logistics In 2010 a new weigh-in-motion system for vehicles was launched in Włocławek. The system allows overloaded vehicles to be identified in order to prevent road damage...

  7. Case study
    28 November 2012

    Cycling Fridays: getting more people cycling in Gdańsk (Poland)

    963 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Poland Gdańsk measures- campaigns The Friday Cycling campaign in Gdansk (northern Poland) aimed to encourage people to move around by bicycle on a daily...

  8. Case study
    04 February 2013

    Solar-powered road signs in Halinów (Poland)

    1092 reads Walking and cycling Traffic and demand management The town of Halinów, located on an important European transport route, has installed a road sign warning of a pedestrian crossing which is...

  9. Case study
    04 February 2013

    Improving safety at pedestrian crossings in Gdansk (Poland)

    1424 reads Walking and cycling In 2012 the Board of Roads of the city of Gdansk launched a new active pedestrian crossing with a modern warning system. The system operates on Piecewska Street in Gdansk and...

  10. Case study
    03 June 2013

    Veturilo: Warsaw's public bicycle rental scheme (Poland)

    1966 reads Walking and cycling The largest Polish public bike sharing system has been operating in Warsaw since August 2012. The system is called Veturilo and it is implemented in the framework of the...