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    03 October 2011

    New York City bike share system operator announced (USA)

    841 reads Due to be launched in the summer of 2012, the New York scheme is set to be the largest bike sharing system in the United States, and one of the largest in the world. It will include around 10,000...

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    18 September 2012

    Which should come first: bike infrastructure or bike sharing? (USA)

    1249 reads A recent study found that bike-sharing systems can work fairly well in areas with less developed bike infrastructure. Analysis of Washington DC’s bike sharing user rates, however, show a clear...

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    17 October 2012

    Cycling is good for the economy (USA)

    1945 reads A new report summarising many U.S. studies on the economic benefits of cycling highlight the large positive impact of cycling on state and local economy. A new report by the League of American...

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    11 October 2012

    Six Supercharger stations built in secret (USA)

    1400 reads On 24 September, electric car manufacturer Tesla unveiled a new network of ultrafast charging stations. Six stations were already built in California, but within two years, the network should...

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    08 August 2018

    Ride sharing and public transport in the US

    1353 reads CityLab reports on the increasing number of partnerships between public transport providers and ride-hailing companies, such as Lyft and Uber, in the United States. Twenty seven US cities, of...

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    08 July 2011

    Beginning of the end of biofuels (United States)

    580 reads Doubts concerning the expanding production of biofuels and energy generation from „energy plants“ are increasing worldwide. In the USA the food lobby has been successful in persuading the Senate...

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    21 July 2011

    Roll over America: a unique velomobile tour (USA)

    1522 reads Roll over America (ROAM) is a unique velomobile tour across the entire United States: Some 50 riders from Europe and North America, mostly regular bike commuters, will ride 5.000 km from Portland...

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    15 August 2011

    New report sheds light on ageing society with increasingly poor access to public transport (USA)

    596 reads The new APTA report is an alarm bell for Europe: as our society keeps on ageing and urban sprawl and motorisation increases, ever more older people are living in areas with poor access to public...

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    20 October 2011

    Chicago plans to launch its bike sharing system in 2012 (USA)

    601 reads The city of Chicago announced its plan to introduce the first large scale bicycle sharing system in the city by 2012. The two-stage program aims at having 5,000 bicycles and 500 docking stations...

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    31 January 2012

    San Francisco and Medellín win 2012 Sustainable Transport Award

    931 reads San Francisco, USA and Medellín, Colombia were declared the winners of the 8th annual Sustainable Transport Award. This year’s slate of nominees is unique in that the two winners, and the two...