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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Event
    13 June 2017

    Velo-city 2017

    2671 reads Language English English Velo-city was held for the first time in 1980 in Bremen, because Germany played a key role in setting up the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), the initiator of this...

  2. Event
    23 May 2018

    SPRING CONFERENCE 2018: Managing Change and Growth In Places of Connection City of Utrecht External ...

  3. Event
    17 June 2019

    6th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP)

    Europe's leading annual event for all those involved in putting the SUMP concept into practice. This year, ... the event took place in Groningen in the Netherlands from 14-16 June.  Presentations The...

  4. Event
    30 May 2016

    Study tour: urban ITS

    12:00 to 31 May 2016- 13:15 Traffic and demand management Civitas event webpage CIVITAS event webpage ...

  5. Event
    30 November 2016

    European Bike Sharing Conference

    also several activities for politicians. The event is exclusively dedicated to bike sharing. VeloCittà ...

  6. Event
    07 November 2019

    Cross-Metropolitan Workshop in the frame of HARMONY H2020 project (Rotterdam, 7 November 2019)

    Language English 6 reads English The HARMONY Cross-Metropolitan Workshop, titled “Regional Spatial and Transport Planning for disruptive passenger and freight mobility services– Stakeholder Requirements”...

  7. Event
    10 February 2015

    Winter Cycling Congress 2015

    Language English 1826 reads The Winter Cycling Congress 2015 Leeuwarden is about uniting communities of all climates, sizes and levels of bicycle development who share the ambition to make two-wheeled...

  8. Event
    20 May 2015

    ECOMM 2015

    Language English 3301 reads 19th European Conference on Mobility Management English Every year, EPOMM appoints one of the participating countries to organise ECOMM (European Conference on Mobility...

  9. Event
    26 March 2015

    VRUITS Seminar

    Language English 1255 reads Safety and Mobility of Vulnerable Road Users Improving Cycling Safety using ITS The VRUITS project, which is sponsored by the European Commission (DG MOVE), aims at providing...

  10. Event
    26 September 2011

    Symposium The psychology of sustainable mobility

    (e.g. E-mobility) Target group approaches (e.g. transport policy packaging, life events). Following the ...