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  1. Event
    26 April 2018

    ELIPTIC Final Conference

    On behalf of the project consortium ELIPTIC, the City of Bremen would like to invite you to the final conference in Bremen from 26 – 27 April 2018. ...

  2. Event
    01 December 2020


    Sprache Englisch 5 Aufrufe The progressive digital transition will change our everyday life and redefine the way we live and move. The public transport industry also embraces new technologies to create more...

  3. Event
    06 July 2015

    Clean Air For European Cities

    Language English 2804 reads English Air pollution has become the biggest environmental health risk with over 7 million deaths globally and 400 000 in Europe attributed to air pollution. The external health...

  4. News
    12 May 2021

    Leipzig introduces an annual public transport ticket costing €1 a day

    The German city of Leipzig will introduce- in August 2021- an annual public transport ticket that will cost the equivalent of €1 per day for all residents holding a city discount card. ...

  5. News
    31 August 2018

    Volkswagen launches electromobility car-sharing scheme 'We Share' in Berlin

    1276 reads Under the sub-brand, We Share, Volkswagen are set to introduce a city-level car-sharing scheme, which utilises entirely electric vehicles (EVs).  Berlin is the first city selected for the scheme...

  6. Event
    22 June 2016

    SmartMove final conference

    5548 reads Language English Active mobility consultancy to increase awareness and use of public transport English The SmartMove project consortium coordially invites you to its final conference, to be held...

  7. Event
    13 June 2018

    “Dial-a-bus” meets “Mobility 4.0”

    Language English 1050 reads Learning from 40 years of flexible public transport German The first dial-a-bus service in Germany was launched in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance 40 years ago. It was the only...

  8. News
    12 October 2021

    Baden-Württemberg introduces a mobility guarantee financed by car owners

    As part of Baden-Württemberg’s actions to deliver its climate targets, the German region aims to double demand for public transport by 2030, while reducing car traffic in cities by one-third. ...

  9. Event
    18 May 2022

    polisMOBILITY Conference 2022

    12 reads Language English polisMOBILITY Conference The  polisMOBILITY – Moving Cities Conference 2022 will take place from 18-21 May at 10:00-17:30 CET in Cologne, Germany. Participants will interact,...

  10. Event
    14 September 2015

    Hamburg Urban Transport Weeks 2015

    Language English 1745 reads Sustainable Solutions- Latest trends in Science and Practice- International Job Perspectives- See more at: http://www English Transport is one of the most pressing global issues...