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  1. Case study
    04 June 2020
  2. News
    03 February 2021

    Adaptive traffic management pre-feasibility study in Tallinn

    317 odsłon Searching for ways to improve urban mobility by reducing congestion, CO2 emissions and the number of accidents is a common challenge to all major cities in Europe. The recent emergence of the...

  3. Video
    28 May 2014

    Use technology in regular teaching

    2744 reads Barcelona Eltis Traffic and demand management ...

  4. Tool
    26 August 2014

    Implementing Low Emission Zones

    2767 reads Low Emission Zones (LEZs) have clear benefits in reducing air pollution in urban areas, and are being successfully implemented in cities across Europe. However, the practicalities of implementing...

  5. Photo
    25 September 2014

    Zuerich paying parking fee 2

    PORTAL / ELTIS 2081 reads Traffic and demand management eltis.org ...

  6. Photo
    25 September 2014

    Freiburg- Vauban Collective Garage

    Harry Schiffer 3944 reads Traffic and demand management eltis.org ...

  7. Photo
    25 September 2014

    Barrier for cars

    PORTAL / ELTIS 2404 reads Traffic and demand management eltis.org ...

  8. Event
    17 September 2019

    Future of Transport- how do we deal with it?

    290 reads Language English English About the course This course will be about how to manage the introduction of transport innovations from a public authority perspective. What mechanisms exist to test...

  9. Case study
    13 November 2018
  10. Event
    19 October 2020

    International Conference on Transport and Smart Cities (ICoTSC 2020)

    Lingua Inglese letto 4 volte ICoTSC 2020 is an open forum where advances in the field of transport and smart Cities can be shared and examined. Researchers, engineers, scientists and industry professionals...