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  1. Case study
    04 June 2020
  2. Case study
    24 June 2020
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    26 August 2014

    Implementing Low Emission Zones

    3345 reads Low Emission Zones (LEZs) have clear benefits in reducing air pollution in urban areas, and are being successfully implemented in cities across Europe. However, the practicalities of implementing...

  4. Case study
    29 October 2020
  5. News
    16 July 2020

    SASMOB collects traffic data in Szeged – and shows the impacts of COVID on mobility

    3587 reads As part of the SASMOB project, the City of Szeged – a CIVITAS Award-recognised champion of sustainable mobility in Hungary – is working on an intelligent data-driven municipal response system,...

  6. News
    17 February 2021

    The European Mobility Atlas 2021 has been published

    The European Mobility Atlas 2021 presents evidence-based research and highlights tangible mobility solutions across the EU. ...

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    10 May 2021
  8. Case study
    17 May 2021
  9. Case study
    25 May 2021
  10. News
    05 February 2019


    3056 reads Now is the time to submit your ideas, papers and projects for the foremost global event about walking in Rotterdam. The event theme is; PUTTING PEDESTRIANS FIRST: Smart, Healthy and for Everyone!...