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  1. News
    03 September 2014

    Austria needs more infrastructure for sustainable mobility, warns charity

    3793 reads Austria must prepare its transport infrastructure for more sustainable forms of mobility and help it deal with the effects of climate change, a mobility campaign group has said. The Austrian...

  2. News
    16 February 2015

    EU to support rail improvements in Austria

    1871 reads The EU is spending € 6m to help finance a study on the construction of new rail lines in Austria. The funding comes from the EU’s TEN-T Programme and will help prepare environmental impact...

  3. News
    30 March 2015

    Intermodality on the rise in Austria – new report

    2457 reads The majority of Austrians are combining different forms of transport on their journeys thanks to new technology and integrated transport hubs, a new report says. According to ecomobility experts...

  4. Event
    01 May 2020

    Fluidtime Symposium

    6 odsłon Język Angielski Please note that this event was due to take place in May 2020 and has been postponed. For more information and the most recent updates, please visit the event  website. This is a...

  5. Event
    20 October 2015

    Walk21 Vienna- stepping ahead

    Language English 1379 reads The XVI International Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities English The City of Vienna is proud to host the 2015 Walk21 conference which promotes activities and...

  6. Event
    01 June 2015

    23rd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

    1309 reads Language English English The high quality of the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) stems from combining one of the largest biomass science and technology conferences with a...

  7. News
    15 February 2018

    Vienna signposts shortcuts for pedestrians

    1200 reads The streets of Vienna have a unique feature known as, “Durchhäuser” (which translates to “through-houses”) that are traditional, pedestrian-friendly shortcuts through the city. These through...

  8. News
    07 May 2018

    Cycling Lottery: Prizes for cycling to work in Vorarlberg, Austria

    1132 reads   On 1st of May, Austrian Labour Day, the initiative “Cycling Lottery – cycling to work” began in the Province of Vorarlberg, Austria. The Cycling Lottery takes place in the frame of the cycling...

  9. News
    21 June 2018

    Autonomous cars require good car drivers

    1356 reads   It might sound a bit strange, but there is evidence from studies that autonomous driving requires good car drivers. Researchers of the “Center for Human-Computer Interaction” at the University...

  10. News
    12 July 2018

    Vienna’s pilot project on banning cars at the start of the school day

    19346 reads   Taking your children to school by car will no longer be possible for parents whose children attend the “Vereinsgasse” primary school in the Leopoldstadt district of the Austrian capital Vienna...