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    07 September 2021

    Toolbox for Mobility Management

    The Toolbox for Mobility Management, as part of the cities.multimodal project, provides knowledge on the topic of Mobility Management as an important approach to promote sustainable and multimodal travel...

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    17 August 2020

    SUITS Capacity Building Toolbox

    practices, procedures, tools, measures and intelligent transport systems that recognize the end-to-end travel ... English August 2020 Mobility management CIVITAS Urban Mobility Tool Inventory ...

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    14 January 2019

    Managing mobility in cities that are cruise ship destinations- introducing 14 modular packages

    2602 reads The cruise industry is expected to grow steadily in the coming years, exceeding 25 million passengers worldwide. Destinations are, however, faced with seemingly conflicting needs: increasing...

  4. Tool
    09 June 2016

    Developing healthy-living and active mobility campaigns

    6366 reads The SWITCH project has developed a comprehensive 'Campaign Guide', an easy to read and attractively illustrated document covering the following aspects: Key principles of a SWITCH...

  5. Tool
    09 June 2016

    Personalised Travel Planning Guidelines

    leading to a greater likelihood of behaviour change than a one-size-fits-all-approach. Some tools ... their recruitment and the activities they might undertake. All of the above tools are available to ...

  6. Tool
    08 September 2016

    Promoting rural public transport through active mobility consultancy

    6328 reads The purpose of this publication is to provide public authorities and public transport operators with the information they need to prepare and implement active mobility consultancy campaigns...

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    12 February 2021

    Big Messages brochure: Lessons for co-creative mobility initiatives in neighbourhoods

    A brochure on “big messages” of co-creation has been published capturing the lessons learned by H2020 projects funded under the topic “urban mobility in neighbourhoods” (Cities-4-People, Metamorphosis and...

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    17 August 2016

    CHUMS Carpool Site Appraisal Tool

    3811 reads This tool enables a quick assessment of a candidate site’s suitability for carpooling ... as identifying supporting measures which are most likely to maximise the impact of CHUMS. The tool ... ...

  9. Tool
    20 August 2020

    SUMBA Commuting Master Plan Template

    12 peržiūrų Project SUMBA  has created a tool to support cities in creating a strategic approach ... a part of a complex set of tools developed by the project SUMBA. All of these resources are available...

  10. Tool
    20 August 2020

    Guidance for transport modelling and transport data collection for intermodality

    approaches and assessment tools as well as the required data and possible data sources. The most modern ...