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    04 January 2021

    Data sharing framework looks to accelerate the use of London car clubs

    39 odsłon The Car Club Local Authority Data Standard (CLADS) is a data sharing framework published by London Councils, RAC foundation and the Urban Systems Lab at Imperial College London. The aim of this...

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    04 March 2020

    helloEV launches new EV fleet sharing technology in UK

    36 reads A UK firm has just launched an app that makes it easier for fleets of electric vehicles (EV) to be shared. The Oxford-based company helloE V, founded by Antony Page and Jason Warwick, has...

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    17 November 2020

    Bristol and Bath launch 12-month e-scooter trials

    24 reads The West of England Combined Authority has partnered with shared mobility provider Voi to start e-scooter rental trials in the cities of Bristol and Bath. Over the next 12 months, commuters and...