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Resultados de la búsqueda

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    25 August 2011

    Pedestrians first to cross new Belgrade bridge (Serbia)

    486 reads During the August 13-14 weekend, some 65,000 people in Belgrade strode across a new bridge spanning the Sava River. Work on the bridge was held up for two days to give residents of the Serbian...

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    08 December 2011

    Belgrade signs memorandum on city rail project (Serbia)

    636 reads Serbia’s capital city will get its first inner-city public rail system under a memorandum of understanding signed recently with the French power and transport conglomerate Alstom. Belgrade Mayor...

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    12 December 2011

    Major new project pioneers sustainable transport in Serbia (Serbia)

    938 reads As with many cities today, Belgrade faces a multitude of challenges related to congestion, noise, air quality, health, safety and the problem of divergent policies in the field of urban transport....