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    07 August 2014

    France passes electric vehicle charging law

    2271 reads A new law that provides tax cuts for companies to encourage them to build electric vehicle charging stations has been put into effect in France.  The French government hopes that the new...

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    13 January 2015

    € 5m EU funding for 200 electric vehicle charging points (France)

    1924 reads The European Union's (EU) TEN-T Programme has committed almost € 5m to the study and pilot installation of 200 electric vehicle charging points along France’s main motorways. The three-phase...

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    20 February 2015

    € 10 000 for switching to electric cars (France)

    2102 reads The French government will offer incentives of up to € 10 000 to motorists who consider switching their ageing diesel car to an electric vehicle. The French Minister for Ecology, Sustainable...

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    27 March 2015

    EU project helps boost e-mobility in Marne-la-Vallée (France)

    2362 reads Marne-la-Vallée is to significantly increase the number of ‘eco-mobility stations’ across its town thanks to the support of an EU-funded project. The MOLECULES project, which is helping three...

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    28 April 2011

    Autolib' self service electric cars launched in Paris (France)

    366 reads After Vélib (Paris self-service bicycles), “Autolib'” the self-service electric car rental service is being lanuched in Paris and 44 suburb cities. Developed on the model of Vélib, Autolib&...

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    29 April 2011

    Electric river shuttle to arrive in the Calanques” (France)

    261 reads In 2013 the maritime company CMC will launch an electric river shuttle in the National Park Calanques which generates its own electricity from a fuel cell. First there was the electric car, now...

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    12 May 2011

    La Rochelle to test fully automated electric buses (France)

    310 reads The city of La Rochelle is due to test fully automated (driverless) electric buses on its public transport network. The Cybus test will start on the 12th of May and last until mid-July this year....

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    27 May 2011

    Two driverless cars tested in La Rochelle (France)

    402 reads Automated electric vehicles called 'Cybercars' are being tested on public roads in La Rochelle between May and July 2011. Designed by Yamaha Cybus, the Cybercar resembles a golf cart and...

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    07 September 2011

    Move in Pure project revolutionises charging of e-vehicles (France)

    233 reads The Rhône National Company has launched an innovative way of using renewable energy for electric vehicles more efficiently. Will a shift to electric vehicles increase our dependence on nuclear...

  10. News
    08 September 2011

    Renault launches project SAVE (France)

    244 reads Renault launches its project SAVE, an experimental deployment of 100 electric cars and recharging stations in 51 municipalities in France. Renault is launching an experiment with electric cars....