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    18 February 2015

    EU to support cooperative intelligent transport systems in France

    2014 reads The European Union’s (EU) TEN-T Programme has committed over € 6.5m to a pilot project to improve road safety, traffic management and multimodality in France. The project will test and assess...

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    12 February 2015

    SMEs and LAs called to participate in ITS World Congress

    2061 reads The EC-funded JUPITER project is calling on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and local authorities (LAs) to present their innovative Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications...

  3. News
    10 June 2011

    Citizens of Strasbourg voted on 30km/h zones. (France)

    396 reads The capital of Alsace began to count the 50,000 ballots for a possible 30km/h speed limit in all residential areas, i.e. 70% of roads. If those in favour of the measure win the vote, the project...

  4. News
    27 April 2012

    No more cars near the Mont Saint Michel (France)

    513 reads One of the popular tourist attractions in Europe, the Mont Saint Michel, is each year drawing 600,000 vehicles that park on a temporary embankment very near the site. From 28 April, parking will...

  5. News
    27 August 2012

    Paris gets back its boulevards (France)

    521 reads The dream of the mayor of Paris, Betrand Delanoë, to reduce car traffic along the banks of the river Seine so that they can be used by cyclists and pedestrians, will become reality. In the 1960s,...

  6. News
    21 May 2014

    New report: free public transport improved Paris air quality (France)

    1869 reads Measures taken in response to poor air quality in Paris in March 2014 have been shown to have had a dramatic effect on particulates and traffic congestion, according to a new report. The French...

  7. News
    16 December 2010

    Near Field Communication services in public transport in Nice (France)

    419 reads A recent study reports a positive assessment of the Cityzi scheme in Nice, the largest deployment of mobile Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in France for a range of services, in...

  8. News
    09 March 2011

    Strasbourg proposes a citywide speed limit of 30km/h (France)

    326 reads The city of Strasbourg proposes to reduce the maximum speed limit in the whole city to 30km/h. A referendum on the proposal will take place in May 2011. Strasbourg proposes to reduce the maximum...

  9. News
    12 July 2016

    Paris bans cars built before 1997 (France)

    1702 reads France’s capital has introduced a ban that stops older cars and motorcycles from driving into the city. The new rule, put into effect on 1 July, bars any car registered before 1 January 1997 and...

  10. News
    09 January 2017

    Lyon to cut pollution by removing motorway (France)

    5482 reads The city of Lyon is to turn a section of a motorway that cuts through its centre into a pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly boulevard to encourage sustainable mobility and cut pollution. Lyon...