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    08 August 2012

    St Brieuc’s TaxiTub network gets IT to 'square the DRT circle' (France)

    621 reads An innovative French scheme appears to have solved many of the financial and operational issues around the provision of Demand Responsive Transport. The scheme, based around St Brieuc (Brittany),...

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    08 August 2018

    Bombardier and Île-de-France Mobilités modernise commuter trains in Paris

    1026 reads Paris commuters to benefit from modernised trains in an effort to manage urban congestion. Rail technology company, Bombardier Transportation, has received an order for 36 Francilien train sets...

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    30 May 2011

    The French are carsharing people (France)

    374 reads In France, 25,000 people are subscribed to carsharing services, but there is a huge potential for further growth with better support from the authorities. We can reasonably expect to multiply by...

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    09 June 2011

    Grand Paris Express eventually finds its route (France)

    602 reads The members of Société du Grand Paris (SGP) unanimously voted for the route of the Grand Paris Express, the metro system around the French capital. This gigantic project of 175 km of automated...

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    24 June 2011

    First bus for rapid transit in the Paris region (France)

    1293 reads T Zen, the first bus for rapid transit (BRT) in the Paris region, will link two suburban train stations from next July. Four more BRT lines in the region are planned for the coming years. Sophie...

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    09 September 2011

    Final results of carsharing experiment in Vercors (France)

    727 reads At the end of 2010 the General Council of Isere launched a car sharing experiment with electric vehicles for the inhabitants of Vercors. The experiment can be called a success. Rather than a...

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    27 September 2011

    A central purchasing agency for public transport (France)

    261 reads The French association for independent public transport, Agir, has launched a central agency allowing local transport authorities to pool their purchases of buses, coaches, fuel, tyres, bus...

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    16 January 2012

    Small towns in Pyrénées-Atlantiques invest in urban minibus network (France)

    506 reads Launched in 2011, La Navette is the urban minibus network of Oloron Sainte-Marie, a town of 11,000 inhabitants in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques in south-western France. The neighbouring town of Orthez...

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    24 April 2012

    Shuttle operates on the river Saône in Lyon (France)

    822 reads A shuttle boat service with a capacity of 70 people will link the new quarter of Confluence to Lyon city centre in 30 minutes, every hour, for a cost of €1.50. The boat is diesel-hybrid powered....

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    24 April 2012

    Two new tram lines put into operation in Montpellier (France)

    261 reads After 3 years of construction and an investment of €530 million, new tram lines were inaugurated and put into operation in Montpellier on 2 April. When work on the third line started in 2009,...