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    26 July 2012

    Air quality and public health: class action in 45 Italian cities (Italy)

    3829 reads Italy's consumer association Codacons has launched a campaign to draw attention to poor air quality in cities. Residents of the 45 cities across the country affected by high levels of air...

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    28 June 2012

    Urban Intergroup of the European Parliament recognises sustainable urban mobility as main priority

    440 reads On June 14, 2012 representatives of the cities of Bologna, Funchal and Utrecht, partners of the CIVITAS MIMOSA project, met in Strasbourg with a delegation of the Urban Intergroup of the European...

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    03 May 2011

    PrimoveCity the next generation of zero emission electric mobility

    538 reads Bombardier has announced the launch of BOMBARDIER PrimoveCity, its new e-mobility solution, together with the establishment of a new centre of competence to enable the next generation of electric...

  4. News
    18 April 2011

    20 years of carpool parking in Flanders (Belgium)

    526 reads Flanders celebrates 20 years of carpool parking and the favourable results serve to convince Flemish policymakers to keep investing in carpooling. In the presence of the Flemish minister of...

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    26 April 2011

    Wroclaw transportation history exhibition (Poland)

    425 reads The Municipal Museum and Wroclaw’s transportation company (MPK) aim to host an exhibition detailing the history of its public transport facilities, in 2012. As part of a wider campaign Let's...

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    29 April 2011

    Munich's mobility becomes more eco-friendly (Germany)

    1175 reads Thanks to a sustained effort in smart mobility planning including access restriction and improvement of cycling and walking conditions, the city of Munich evolves towards a more sustainable...

  7. News
    22 April 2011

    European Commission revises energy taxation rules

    830 reads The European Commission recently revised the Energy Tax Directive. Transport and Environment calls for decisive action and presents a new paper on the subject. The European Commission has...

  8. News
    12 May 2011

    Traffic reduction through traffic light system management (Romania)

    493 reads A new bypass road was introduced in Sibiu, Romania, which has lead to significant traffic reductions in the city centre. To ensure the longevity of these effects the city’s traffic management...

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    03 May 2011

    Amsterdam carsharing system uses electric vehicles (NL)

    1166 reads Car2go is an innovative car sharing concept marketed using the slogan “the first private public transport”, and one that has already proven successful in the USA and Germany. For users it...

  10. News
    11 May 2011

    Cities for Mobility- first electronic magazine 2011 published

    324 reads The first edition of the Cities for mobility electronic magazine in 2011 contains interesting approaches on how to make cities more livable through innovative mobility solutions. The new issue of...