Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Case study
    24 June 2020
  2. Case study
    04 June 2020
  3. Case study
    04 June 2020
  4. Case study
    14 July 2020
  5. Case study
    14 July 2020
  6. Case study
    22 July 2020
  7. Tool
    11 September 2014

    Cycle-friendly design

    3754 reads Well-designed infrastructure can increase the attractiveness of cycling, as cyclists and would-be cyclists recognise that environments have been made safer and more pleasant to travel in....

  8. Event
    17 September 2019

    Future of Transport- how do we deal with it?

    290 reads Language English English About the course This course will be about how to manage the introduction of transport innovations from a public authority perspective. What mechanisms exist to test...

  9. Event
    23 September 2020

    City Street 4

    4 olvasás Nyelv angol Proposing Streets for Integrated and Universal Mobility City Street 4 is a platform for the international and interdisciplinary discussion on adaptive approaches towards evolving city...

  10. Video
    06 April 2020

    Groningen: the luxury problem of a 60% cycling modal share

    Groningen is the capital city of the Groningen province, located in the north of the Netherlands. It is a vibrant city with a significant student population. Groningen has been actively promoting and...