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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Tool
    01 September 2014

    Public transport in small and medium-sized cities

    5301 reads The EPTA Project Position Paper is designed to assist rural areas and small to medium-sized cities who want to develop Public Transport Authorities (PTAs), with the goal of increasing the...

  2. Case study
    11 June 2018
  3. News
    10 June 2019

    Slovenia launches integrated public transport nation-wide

    2376 reads From the start of June 2019, Slovenia boasts an improved public transport offering. This follows the national government’s decision of April 2019 to introduce a new integrated system of public...

  4. News
    09 March 2020

    Luxembourg is the first country with free public transport

    35 reads Most people using public transport anywhere in Luxembourg, no longer need to pay. Luxembourg's plans to provide free public transport entered into force from the beginning of March 2020. On 29...

  5. News
    05 October 2020

    Poznan tests multifunctional e-paper bus stop displays

    33 visninger The Polish city of Poznan has started a three-month trial phase to test electronic paper (e-paper) displays for its bus stops. The trial aims to compare the use of e-paper compared to LED...

  6. News
    29 January 2021

    New travel app makes buying bus tickets easier in York

    letto 51 volte York has about 200,000 inhabitants and is a popular tourist destination thanks to its historical landmarks and cultural events. The city is served by 3 independent bus operators and by...

  7. News
    07 April 2021

    Guimarães invests in PT tickets for students and people with reduced mobility

    140 reads The Portuguese city of Guimarães has increased its funding for public transport tickets to foster public transport use and the mobility of students and people with reduced mobility. Its Public...

  8. News
    27 January 2021

    Nantes rolls out reduced public transport subscription rates

    Luettu 44 kertaa After being approved in the summer of 2020, as of January 1st, the city of Nantes, France has reduced the price of its public transport subscriptions by 20%. This measure is one of the many...

  9. News
    01 February 2021

    New Brupass ticket to cover all travel in Brussels and its suburbs

    loetud 34 korda Belgium’s four main public transport operators have announced that, as of February 2021, a new single ticket will be launched, which will allow travel on all of their services in Brussels...

  10. News
    01 April 2021

    Warsaw starts the construction of a third metro line

    48 lectures The Mayor of Warsaw has approved the construction of the city's third metro line, which will add six new stations to the city's metro network by 2028. The Polish capital, home to 1.7...