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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Forum topic
    21 April 2016

    How many European cities have SUMPs?

    8444 reads Forum in the context of the starting European H2020 project MOBLITY4EU, I would like to ...

  2. Forum topic
    20 October 2014

    Evaluation and Appraisal of Sustainable Transport Schemes

    41788 reads Forum The EVIDENCE project is reviewing current practices in the evaluation of ...

  3. Forum topic
    21 May 2015

    Europe still no closer to delivering sustainable transport – official EESC verdict

    20658 reads Forum The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has recently undertaken ...

  4. Forum topic
    04 April 2018

    Questionnaire on consumer choices and expectations for electric vehicles

    1123 reads Forum Dear all! I am conducting a research on electric cars. I will be grateful if you ...

  5. Forum topic
    09 April 2015

    Why do people keep driving their car to work?

    8943 reads Forum What are the obstacles preventing people from choosing an alternative means of ...

  6. Forum topic
    20 April 2015

    Would an obligation to wear helmets discourage you from riding a bike (or it already did)?

    12979 reads Forum Mandatory helmet laws have been controversial: they seem to have a limited ...

  7. Forum topic
    04 May 2015

    Are our cities designed to make us sick?

    8814 reads Forum "I never realized how dumb our cities are until I saw what a smart one looks ...

  8. Forum topic
    15 May 2015

    Any ideas how to organise a Sustainable Energy Day? The deadline is approching

    9671 reads Forum Energy Days in the European Union Join forces with EUSEW to find new and better ...

  9. Forum topic
    10 April 2015

    White Paper on Transport: Where do we stand?

    10300 reads Forum In early March a public hearing took place on the mid-term review of the ...

  10. Forum topic
    27 April 2015

    Waterways in the city

    12241 reads Forum Are boats a part of the public or private transport in your city? How does it ...