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    21 June 2016

    Ljubljana to unveil carsharing scheme (Slovenia)

    2230 reads The Slovenian capital and European Green Capital 2016, Ljubljana, is set to open its first carsharing scheme later this week. Expected to launch on Wednesday, the carsharing scheme will offer...

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    04 October 2017

    Slovenia to expand EV charging network in protected natural areas

    1857 reads Municipalities across Slovenia are set to benefit from government grants for the building of electric vehicle charging points. The money from the Slovenian government’s Ecology Fund and Climate...

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    18 October 2017

    Slovenians receive new incentives for electrical vehicle purchases

    2984 reads The Eco Fund, the largest financial institution of the Republic of Slovenia, is offering new incentives for members of the public and companies to buy electric vehicles. The money received does...

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    22 April 2021

    Rationalisation of the electric public transport system in Maribor

    20 reads The Municipality of Maribor, Slovenia, commissioned experts from the University of Ljubljana to prepare a study about the best economic and technical solutions for the electrification of a bus line...