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    17 March 2022

    What will happen to used EV batteries in the future?

    633 reads In the next decade, the number of returned electric vehicle batteries (EVBs) is expected to surge. By 2030 there will be 111,000 tonnes (or 25 GWh) of end-of-life EVBs in Europe, while almost 500...

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    20 May 2022

    How can we guarantee the best batteries for our electric vehicles?

    611 reads New battery types are being developed at breakneck speed, competing on performance, cost, and sustainability. Novel chemistries and technologies require thorough testing to understand the...

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    30 June 2022

    Is there life after death for Europe's lithium-ion batteries?

    Europe has an opportunity to establish the safest and most sustainable lithium-ion battery value chain in the world. Efficient reverse logistics would significantly decrease the carbon emissions in the life...

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    26 December 2022

    How can we extract more value from retired EV batteries?

    Dive into COBRA's latest Market Intelligence Report on extracting more value from retired EV batteries. ...

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    01 February 2023

    Life After Linear: Making EV Batteries Circular

    Bax & Company's new 'Life After Linear' series breaks down a clear, circular story for some of the most important material value chains of Europe’s low-carbon future. ...

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    08 January 2021

    STF call for applications: Sub-group on best practice for public authorities to support the deployment of recharging...

    The Sustainable Transport Forum calls for applications for a new sub-group on best practice for public authorities to support the deployment of recharging infrastructure. ...

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    27 May 2022

    Subsidies for Italian businesses purchasing cargo bikes

    Environment and Bicycle Federation, commented on the news to RivistaBC: “ It is certainly useful to invest in ...

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    21 June 2022

    16 year-olds will be able to drive electric cars in Spain

    The Spanish Ministry of the Interior has announced the launch of a new B1 licence to allow 16-year-olds to drive electric cars by 2023. ...

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    15 September 2022

    Bike lanes and pedestrian areas are making sustainable mobility a reality in many Italian cities

    The recently drafted study by the SNPA in Italy reports an increase in the use of soft mobility and the adoption of hybrid and electric cars. ...

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    03 January 2023

    Portugal approves bikes purchase incentive for 2023

    The incentive encouraging Portuguese people to purchase low-emission vehicles (LEVs) has been extended to conventional and electric bicycles, cargo-bikes, two-wheel motorcycles, and electric mopeds, for 2023...