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    06 February 2018

    Regional cooperation to promote e-mobility and smart urban mobility in Central Europe

    753 reads High level policy makers, researchers and entrepreneurs participating at the 2nd Regional Digital Summit, held 25-26 January in Budapest, agreed on regional cooperation to promote smart mobility....

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    18 July 2014

    Smart micro-grid for electric vehicles opens in Málaga (Spain)

    2604 reads A joint project between Spain and Japan has resulted in the installation of an intelligent micro-network that generates and stores electricity for electric vehicles. Produced by the Zem2All...

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    23 July 2014

    Low-emission cars offered cheaper parking in Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

    2228 reads Parking garage operator Interparking is offering the drivers of low-emissions vehicles discounted parking at their garages in Rotterdam. Clean vehicle drivers are eligible to receive a special...

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    23 July 2014

    Car powered by compressed air to go on sale in autumn 2014

    987 reads AirPod, a car using compressed air to power its engine, is set to go on the market in autumn this year as a zero-emissions urban vehicle. The AirPod will able to reach a top speed of 80 km per...

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    04 August 2014

    Suceava goes electric to help cut carbon emissions (Romania)

    1107 reads A € 2.55m electromobility project is being introduced in Suceava to cut carbon emissions and help the municipality meet its overall CO2 reduction targets. The north-eastern Romanian city hopes...

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    06 August 2014

    EU funds available for clean fuel and vehicle innovations

    1211 reads A € 25m call for solutions to cut energy costs, increase resource security and operational safety, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions has been launched by the European Institute for Innovation...

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    07 August 2014

    France passes electric vehicle charging law

    2271 reads A new law that provides tax cuts for companies to encourage them to build electric vehicle charging stations has been put into effect in France.  The French government hopes that the new...

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    12 August 2014

    Europe’s first driverless bus trial begins in Sardinia (Italy)

    3071 reads Two automated driverless vehicles have begun transporting passengers in Sardinia as part of tests co-funded by the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme. The demonstrations are led by the City Mobil 2...

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    13 August 2014

    New report: Electric car sales double in EU

    1432 reads The number of electric cars in the European Union has doubled in 2013, but the zero-emission vehicles still only account for one in every 250 new cars sold, a new report says. Around 50,000 plug...

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    13 August 2014

    Madrid brings electric cars into police fleet (Spain)

    3202 reads The municipal police force in Madrid has introduced two electric cars into its environmental unit as part of the city’s wider plans to clean up its vehicle fleet The acquisition of the vehicles...