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  1. News
    24 July 2014

    Grenoble pilots electric vehicles for end stages of journeys (France)

    2209 reads Working in partnership with Japanese auto manufacturer Toyota and French energy company EDF, Grenoble is testing small electric vehicles (EVs) as a means to bring public transport users to their...

  2. News
    02 February 2015

    New € 17m transport hub for Clermont-Ferrand (France)

    1673 reads The French city of Clermont-Ferrand last month inaugurated an upgraded transport hub that will enable travellers to connect to different modes of transport quickly and efficiently. The new € 17m...

  3. Event
    03 November 2020

    Autonomy & The Urban Mobility Summit

    letto 4 volte Lingua Inglese On the 4-5 November 2020, Autonomy Paris will be hosting an event that acts as an intersection between city authorities, corporates, startups and funders. This two-day event...

  4. Event
    08 April 2021

    inOut 2020

    284 de afişări Limba Engleză Please note that this event orignially scheduled to take place on 14 May 2020 has been postponed until 8-11 April 2021. Please visit the event website for the most up-to-date...

  5. News
    22 October 2018

    Paris train stations get upgrade to an integrated hub

    1661 reads Paris contains a “cluster” of main public transport stations by Gare du Nord with the Magetna RER station and Gare du Est in a 500 m proximity to each other. The two locations host 800 000...

  6. Event
    12 March 2015

    Mobility study visit in the Lyon metropolis

    2842 reads Language English Passenger Intermodality in Europe English Tthe European Club of Intermodal Regions and Cities, managed by INTERMODES, and SYTRAL (Syndicat des Transports pour le Rhône et l...

  7. Event
    03 June 2015


    Language English 3584 reads Augmented Intermodality: Unity is Strength! English In 2015, France is committed to the energy transition for a green growth and welcomes the Conference on Climate. Taking place...

  8. Event
    04 June 2015

    Île de France study visit

    Language English 3392 reads A study visit on intermodality to Europe's busiest public transport system English The European Club of Intermodal Regions and Cities, managed by INTERMODES, and STIF (the...

  9. Event
    19 May 2016

    Technical tour: Intermodality in Europe

    Language English 2045 reads Angers Loire Métropole: an example of successful intermodality at local and regional levels English The European Club of Intermodal Regions and Cities, in partnership with SNCF...

  10. News
    11 November 2013

    Linking carpooling with public transport in Val de Saône (France)

    441 reads A new scheme serving villages north of the city of Lyon will help people to access public transport through carpooling. Carpooling is a popular method of reducing the number of vehicles on the...