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    19 March 2020

    New Mobility Hub Guidance published

    16 odsłon There is still significant political and social resistance to losing the space which is currently allocated to private cars. One strategy to overcome such reluctance can be to provide enhancements...

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    06 August 2014

    Traffic-free routes encourage more walking and cycling, says UK study

    1864 reads The creation of new high-quality and traffic-free cycling and walking routes in local communities has encouraged more people to get about by foot and by bike, according to a new UK study. The...

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    19 August 2014

    Trials begin of battery-powered train (United Kingdom)

    1567 reads Network Rail, which owns and operates the UK's rail infrastructure, has begun on-track trials of its first battery-powered train. It is hoped that the trials could be the starting point for...

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    26 August 2014

    London trials new road safety technology (United Kingdom)

    1877 reads Transport for London (TfL) is testing new bus sensor technology that alerts drivers when pedestrians and cyclists get too close to their vehicles in an effort to improve road safety. Two systems...

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    23 December 2014

    300 low emission buses to roll out in London (United Kingdom)

    1986 reads Transport for London (TfL) has announced that 300 low emission buses will be introduced into the London public transport fleet before the end of 2014. The new buses make up almost half of the 700...

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    16 February 2015

    London to build Europe’s longest segregated cycle lane (UK)

    1779 reads London mayor Boris Johnson has committed to constructing the ‘Crossrail for bikes’, Europe’s longest segregated urban cycle lane through central London. After receiving overwhelming public...

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    09 March 2015

    EU supports Belfast intermodal transport hub (United Kingdom)

    2146 reads The European Union's (EU) TEN-T Programme has committed almost € 3.5m to co-finance preparatory studies for a cross-border train and bus service linking Belfast in Northern Ireland to...

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    10 March 2015

    Wirelessly charging electric buses for London (United Kingdom)

    5625 reads London's public transport operator, Transport for London (TfL), has announced that from September 2015 the city will become world's first capital to trial wirelessly charging electric...

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    20 March 2018

    UK government commits to making buses easily accessible for wheelchair users

    1053 reads   In 2017, the UK Supreme Court concluded in a judgement the need for ‘reasonable adjustment’ by bus operators to accommodate passengers with wheelchairs. Now, UK government takes up the call for...

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    20 March 2018

    Businesses and public grealty support Scottish plans for Low Emission Zone introduction

    759 reads   Transport Scotland's consultation on the introduction of Low Emission Zones in Scotland identified that there is a large support from businesses and public. From September to November 2017,...