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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. News
    18 September 2012

    Which should come first: bike infrastructure or bike sharing? (USA)

    1249 reads A recent study found that bike-sharing systems can work fairly well in areas with less developed bike infrastructure. Analysis of Washington DC’s bike sharing user rates, however, show a clear...

  2. News
    05 November 2013

    What the US can learn from European cities

    589 reads City planner and author of ‘Walkable City’ Jeff Speck presented in a recent TED event in New York City (USA) how traditional American urban design needs to be revolutionised to make cities ...

  3. News
    30 August 2016

    Use data not surveys for urban planning, say researchers

    1907 reads Analysing big-data could give city planners better information to help them develop new transport infrastructure, new research suggests. Researchers from the  Massachusetts Institute of...

  4. News
    24 June 2015

    US study finds physically active cities are more productive

    2764 reads Research carried out by the University of California has found that investing in cycling, walking, public transport and green spaces has significant economic returns. Over 500 existing studies in...

  5. Event
    05 March 2014

    Urban Consolidation Centers: The Japanese Experience

    Language English 553 reads Urban Consolidation Centers: The Japanese Experience English Urban Consolidation Centers: The Japanese Experience USA 05 Mar 2014- 02:01 Urban freight/city logistics Urban...

  6. Event
    10 July 2012


    Language English 788 reads English UIC HIGHSPEED 2012 is the must-attend event to learn all about successful strategies, latest developments, best practices and innovative technologies in high-speed rail....

  7. Event
    13 January 2019

    Transportation Research Board 98th Annual Meeting

    Language English 907 reads The Transportation Research Board (TRB) 98th Annual Meeting will be held in Washington, D.C. at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The information-packed programme is...

  8. Job offer
    25 June 2015

    Transportation Planning Manager at City of Roswell (USA)

    3832 reads City of Roswell (USA) The purpose of this classification is to manage and direct the Transportation Planning Division of the Transportation Department including long and short term initiatives...

  9. Event
    14 January 2016

    Transforming Transportation 2016

    Language English 1109 reads English Transforming Transportation is the annual conference co-hosted by EMBARQ, the sustainable urban mobility initiative of WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, and the...

  10. Event
    17 January 2013

    Transforming Transportation 2013

    Language English 415 reads English Transforming Transportation 2013 will bring together sustainable transport officials, thought leaders, urbanists and practitioners to discuss new ideas, key issues, and...