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    12 March 2020

    ‘Stockholm Declaration’ wants general 30 km/h speed limit

    41 reads Ministers from around the world adopted the “ Stockholm Declaration ” at a conference held in February. It includes a commitment to 30km/h speed limits in any areas where vulnerable road users and...

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    15 April 2020

    WHO European Regions call for action for safer mobility and urban transport

    letto 16 volte After the Stockholm Declaration adopted by the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety on the 19 and 20 of February, the “WHO European Healthy Cities Network” and the “WHO Regions...

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    24 March 2020

    Two European capitals cut pedestrian and cyclist deaths to zero after traffic changes

    16 reads Helsinki and Oslo recorded zero pedestrian and cyclist deaths last year, a milestone that was achieved following changes to traffic infrastructure. Norway achieved zero child road deaths for the...

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    26 April 2021

    Thessaloniki is to regenerate its Hippocratic Hospital area

    43 Aufrufe The Greek city of Thessaloniki has presented its final plans for the complete renovation of the Hippocratic Hospital area of the city. The aim is to undertake a complete functional and aesthetic...

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    12 August 2019

    The Netherlands prohibits the use of mobile phones on bicycles

    432 reads In the Netherlands, since 1 July 2019 it is has not been permitted to cycle while holding a mobile phone.  This is in recognition of the fact that cyclists using their phones are cognitively and...

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    23 December 2019

    Tampere pilots artificial intelligence solutions to improve pedestrian safety

    13 εμφανίσεις The Finnish city of Tampere has started testing artificial intelligence (AI) and 'Internet of Things' technologies to improve pedestrian safety. Working in partnership with Tieto, an...

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    31 July 2019

    SSPCR 2019 Special sessions

    474 reads The 3rd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON “SMART AND SUSTAINABLE PLANNING FOR CITIES AND REGIONS – SSPCR 2019 announces its special sessions: Track 1 – Shaping the climate and energy transition: clean...

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    21 October 2019

    Scotland becomes first UK nation to ban pavement parking

    21 reads The Scottish parliament has passed a bill to implement a nationwide ban on pavement parking, becoming the first UK nation to implement such a ban. According to the new legislation, parking a...

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    15 June 2021

    Save the date for the Road Safety Charter Awards

    The European Road Safety Charter is proud to announce the Excellence in Road Safety Awards 2021. The award ceremony will take place both online and in Brussels on Thursday 18th November, so save the date! ...

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    07 September 2020

    ROADPOL Safety Days: Promotional Video

    42 reads This is the first year of the new ROADPOL Safety Days campaign (previously known as Project EDWARD). The campaign, which is supported by the European Commission and other road safety organisations...