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    10 December 2018

    World’s biggest commercial electric vehicle project to start in 2019

    http://news.ssen.co.uk/news/all-articles/2018/november/optimise-prime. Image source: © guteksk7 / Shutterstock.com- no permission to re-use image(s) without separate ...

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    13 April 2018

    Wokingham approves air quality action plan working with possible LEZ, improving cycle provision, and cleaner bus fleet

    700 reads   Wokingham Borough Council in the UK has approved an air quality action plan to address the air pollution problems in the town and at a nearby major crossroads. The need for the plan arose as a...

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    10 March 2015

    Wirelessly charging electric buses for London (United Kingdom)

    5625 reads London's public transport operator, Transport for London (TfL), has announced that from September 2015 the city will become world's first capital to trial wirelessly charging electric...

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    01 May 2017

    Wirelessly charged electric buses operating in Milton Keynes (UK)

    2836 reads Eight Wrightbus StreetLite electric buses are now in operation along a route in Milton-Keynes as part of a multi-stakeholder project. Leaving the depot at 6am, the buses can travel a maximum of...

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    29 January 2014

    Wireless charging buses begin operation in Milton Keynes (United Kingdom)

    780 reads Named ‘the world’s most demanding electric bus route’, the buses will be monitored for five years in the hopes of expanding electric bus provision to all routes in the town. From 19 January 2014,...

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    16 March 2020

    West Yorkshire to undertake a 'carbon audit' of its transport schemes

    prečítané 35x The West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA), which brings together a number of local authorities in the north of England centred on the city of Leeds, has announced a carbon audit of its...

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    03 June 2015

    Welsh government announces millions in transport investment (UK)

    1388 reads The Welsh government has announced £ 27m (€ 37.1m) funding for transport projects to support jobs and active travel. Edina Hart, the government's transport minister, announced the new...

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    12 May 2014

    Walk to Work Week kicks off in the UK

    868 reads A week of awareness that encourages workers in the UK to commute to work by walking in order to improve their health, compete with their colleagues, and raise money for charity starts on Monday 12...

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    08 April 2015

    Visually impaired travellers trial new app in London (UK)

    2112 reads Travellers with visual impairments are testing a new app in London that could help them and other such passengers to navigate public transport independently. The Wayfindr system, being trialled...

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    20 May 2015

    Underground freight concept tested in UK

    1722 reads A system of freight transport using rails through underground pipelines is currently being tested near Cambridge (United Kingdom). If successfully deployed in cities, such a system would help to...