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    25 November 2019

    ‘Beer train’ to replace 5,000 trucks per year on Antwerp ring road

    letto 26 volte Belgium-based brewing conglomerate AB InBev has announced that it will use a train to transfer most of its beer shipments to the port of Antwerp by 2020. The company, which has its...

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    10 February 2020

    Île-de-France Region launches call for expressions of interest in freight and logistics

    40 reads The region including the French capital Paris, Ile-de-France, is launching a call for expressions of interest for new projects in the freight and logistics sectors. The region will fund initiatives...

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    16 September 2020

    Why cities must make more of their rivers

    41 reads Paris is alive again after France’s national return to work week, la rentrée. Masks are obligatory but every else continues just as before the pandemic. Looking around you see busy streets and...

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    01 May 2019

    Urban freight logistics: innovation and policy across Europe

    (UFT). But how is urban freight transport changing? This news item will discuss the power of public-private ...

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    12 October 2020

    TRIMIS Digest- sustainable freight transport

    18 reads The latest issue of the TRIMIS Digest is now available. It takes a look at efficient and sustainable urban freight transport. Automation, electrification and shared mobility in urban freight takes...

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    20 March 2020

    The smart last mile of Trento

    14 reads The Alpine city of Trento will soon launch its "Last Mile Logistics" strategy for a smarter and more sustainable circulation of goods in the city centre. Trento City Council has approved...

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    18 May 2021

    The on-demand economy and its impact on urban logistics

    видяно 22 пъти Without a doubt, urban and peri-urban areas are experiencing a steadily growing demand for new, sustainable and connected logistics solutions to integrate the requirements of the on-demand...

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    28 March 2019

    The first sustainable urban logistics centre opens in Madrid

    from Shutterstock Source: Story first published by Logi News  in March 2019 Southern Europe Spain Urban ...

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    08 September 2020

    The city of Graz trials CO2-free postal delivery

    36 reads In August 2020, a collaboration between Austrian Post and the City of Graz began to test CO2-free postal delivery. The project is testing the delivery of letters and parcels using e-bikes and...

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    26 March 2019

    Test of first urban e-commerce deliveries by drone in Helsinki

    477 reads This year's March saw a first test of delivering goods by drones in Finnish Vantaa. It was one of the first tests at all taking place in an urban environment, even close to an international...