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    10 December 2018

    World’s biggest commercial electric vehicle project to start in 2019

    http://news.ssen.co.uk/news/all-articles/2018/november/optimise-prime. Image source: © guteksk7 / Shutterstock.com- no permission to re-use image(s) without separate ...

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    16 March 2020

    West Yorkshire to undertake a 'carbon audit' of its transport schemes

    prečítané 35x The West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA), which brings together a number of local authorities in the north of England centred on the city of Leeds, has announced a carbon audit of its...

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    27 October 2020

    UK to support projects that demonstrate innovation with transport geospatial data

    1 lasījis The United Kingdom’s Geospatial Commission has recently launched a competition that intends to support projects that demonstrate innovation with transport geospatial data. The call has up to £2...

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    24 November 2020

    UK to invest further £175 million in cycling and walking- survey shows public support

    32 reads UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced in November that the government will provide local councils across the country with a further £175 million (€154 million) to create safe space for...

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    20 May 2020

    UK invests £2 billion package for cycling and walking

    538 visninger With the easing of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, many European countries and their cities are facing similar challenges, such as the return of homeworkers to their workplace. While passenger...

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    23 September 2020

    UK government reviews pavement parking to give more space to elderly and disabled people

    25 Aufrufe The UK government has put three proposals to consultations that aim to improve the accessibility of sidewalks for visually impaired, elderly, and mobility-impaired people. The initiatives from...

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    10 August 2021

    UK government announces a strategy to increase accessibility for all

    The Department for Transport (DfT) in the UK recently announced a range of initiatives that will improve autonomy for people with reduced mobility. The initiative follows the “It’s everyone’s journey”...

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    01 October 2020

    UK Clean Air Day- Thursday 8 October 2020

    40 visninger Air pollution causes up to 36,000 deaths in the UK, annually. Poor air quality causes lung and heart disease and may even contribute to mental health issues. The UK Government and World Health...

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    28 May 2019

    UK announces funding to support hydrogen vehicles and infrastructure

    1169 reads The UK Government has announced that it is supporting Monmouthshire County Council in Wales and a local manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to establish a fleet of 20 hydrogen cars. The...

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    13 July 2021

    UK aims to set accessibility standards for electric vehicle charging

    letto 28 volte The UK’s Department for Transport (DfT) announced on 30 June 2021 a partnership with Motability – a national disability charity – to assess and introduce accessibility standards for electric...