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    26 April 2021

    Road Safety NGO welcomes installation of speed cameras in Malta

    40 Aufrufe Doctors for Road Safety, a Maltese NGO of medical doctors and students, has welcomed the installation of speed cameras on a Maltese coastal road in a bid to increase compliance with speed limits....

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    23 August 2021

    Malta’s ‘Slow Streets’ scheme kicks off with 10 local councils

    Malta is supporting projects in 10 localities that aim to counteract the dominance of private car use on the island through the implementation of 'Slow Streets' scheme. ...

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    16 September 2019

    Malta proposes new e-scooter regulation

    238 reads The Maltese Government has put forward a law which aims to regulate the use of electric scooters. The number of electric scooters on Maltese roads has been steadily increasing in recent months,...

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    24 June 2019

    Malta launches new public transport on-demand service

    https://www.publictransport.com.mt/en/td-plus-info. Southern Europe Malta Collective passenger transport ...

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    25 May 2021

    First LNG trucks launched by supermarket in Malta

    Two LNG-fuelled trucks have been put into use by a supermarket chain in Malta, which are the first to be trialled by a retailer in the country. ...