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    11 September 2016

    Slovakia to support the purchase of EVs

    1846 reads Slovakia’s Ministry of Economy is planning to introduce a range of incentives to encourage people to buy electric vehicles (EV). The Ministry presented this summer a detailed policy document that...

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    23 November 2016

    Slovak government launches EV subsidies

    2016 reads The Slovak government is providing financial support to citizens wishing to buy an electric or hybrid vehicle. Announcing the plans on 11 November, Slovakia's minister of the economy, Peter...

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    28 November 2014

    Prešov announces e-vehicle charging station (Slovakia)

    1364 reads The Slovakian city of Prešov has announced that an electric vehicle charging station will be installed in the city in the coming year, marking a major step towards integrating e-mobility into the...

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    01 April 2019

    Electric vehicle charging points installed to support long distance electric mobility

    879 reads Sixty two electric vehicle charging stations will be installed in Slovakia, Czechia and Croatia by June 2020. These will be located to support long-distance travel by electric vehicles. The...