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    13 October 2017

    Zielona Góra places largest electric bus order in Polish history

    3150 reads Zielona Góra has shown its commitment to clean and energy efficient vehicles with the largest order ever placed for electric buses in Poland. Whilst cities such as Krakow already already boast a...

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    26 November 2019

    Warsaw announces mobility measures to improve air quality

    18 reads Authorities in the city of Warsaw recently revealed a broad range of measures in a drive to improve the city's air quality. The measures were announced by the Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał...

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    01 May 2014

    UN scheme helps fund hybrid buses in Gdynia (Poland)

    810 reads Poland's Ministry of the Environment is tapping into the Green Investment Scheme (GIS), a funding mechanism created under the UN's Kyoto Protocol, to purchase 10 hybrid buses for the...

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    18 February 2021

    Poland proposes new legislation for e-scooters and other personal transport devices

    loetud 35 korda The Council of Ministers in Poland has adopted a draft amendment to the Road Traffic Act and certain other regulations in order to better regulate the status of e-scooters and other...

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    17 August 2020

    Municipal employees in northern Poland receive e-scooters to trial

    loetud 35 korda As part of an awareness raising campaign, officials of 10 northern Polish cities have been presented with e-scooters to trial.  'Mobile Office – Active Official' is the name of the...

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    15 August 2017

    Krakow expands electric bus fleet (Poland)

    1208 reads The Polish city of Krakow has further expanded its electric bus fleet with the acquisition of 20 new vehicles. Purchased by the Municipal Transport Operator of Krakow (MPK), the arrival of the 20...

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    17 June 2015

    Innovative trolleybuses arrive in Gdynia (Poland)

    3164 reads Two innovative new trolleybuses that have special batteries allowing them to enter areas without overhead wires have arrived in the Polish seaside city of Gdynia. The buses, produced by Polish...

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    09 July 2021

    In Gdynia you can charge a car thanks to trolleybuses

    26 reads The first mobile charging station for electric cars powered by a trolleybus network was built in Gdynia, Poland. It is a joint project of the City of Gdynia and the municipal trolleybus transport...

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    09 April 2014

    Gdynia trolleybus scheme scoops prestigious eco-award (Poland)

    800 reads A new eco-friendly urban transport system won top prize last week at RegioStars 2014, a European Commission competition recognising Europe's most innovative regional projects. The project in...

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    08 June 2020

    Gdańsk to build upon the increased popularity of electromobility

    439 odsłon The Polish coastal city of Gdańsk has seen a surge in the popularity of electromobility. In response, the city's authorities are developing an electromobility strategy, with the active...