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  1. Event
    22 April 2020

    What is the Future of EVs and Renewables?- Interreg SEEV4-City Closing Conference

    Språk Engelska 173 läsningar English Please note- this event is replaced by a series of three webinars taking place in April and May. Please visit the event website for further information. Join the event...

  2. Event
    22 May 2019

    Urban Future Conference

    Language English 622 reads Cities are key to the sustainable future of our planet and great changes are necessary to address climate change and social inequalities. The URBAN FUTURE Global Conference...

  3. Event
    16 September 2012

    Universal Design 2012 Oslo

    765 reads Language English Public space: Inspire, Challenge, and Empower English The strategy of universal design aims at dismantling physical and social barriers. This conference will focus on solutions...

  4. Case study
    27 November 2011
  5. News
    24 October 2012

    Trondheim hands out money to pedestrians and cyclists (Norway)

    1374 reads The Norwegian municipality of Trondheim celebrated European Mobility Week by giving away money to pedestrians and cyclists. This symbolic act precedes large-scale investments in improving cycling...

  6. Photo
    18 August 2015

    Tram in Oslo

    1669 reads Carlos Corao Collective passenger transport Image copyright: Carlos Corao  -, licensed under CC BY 2.0 Norway Oslo ...

  7. Case study
    04 April 2007
  8. Event
    24 May 2013

    The Great Parking Conference- Day 2

    461 reads Language English Towards an Evidence-based Parking Policy English Professor Donald Shoup, UCLA Breaking the ground for successful parking policies and new parking instruments. Director Derek...

  9. Event
    08 May 2018

    The electric vehicle revolution: the Norway case

    749 reads Language English English Electric vehicles (EV) have revolutionized transport and mobility in Norway with a stunningly rapid growth. How was this made possible? Have an insight on the non...

  10. News
    08 November 2011

    Tax regime change in state budget for increased NOx focus (Norway)

    512 reads There will be changes in the tax regime for cars and fuel in the Norwegian state budget 2012. Everything indicates that Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) is on the agenda. The budget is the largest in the...